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Head to Hatch for West Australian designers

2 Jan

When the event calls for a head-turning outfit and you want to show your support for talent that is right here in WA, take my advice and head to the Carillion Arcade where you'll find Hatch.

I first headed to Hatch around the time of the Perth Fashion Festival 2012 when I had a last minute invitation to an event that called for something West Australian and fabulous!

Sure, I had put all my eggs in Hatch's basket, given that I was shopping 3 hours before the event (and I had never been to the store), but I had faith!!

Breathing a sigh of relief, I found Hatch had done WA designers due justice and the selection of garments was perfect for what I was looking for.

I was happy to find that a collaboration of WA designers finally had a presence in Perth City with the support of The Perth Fashion Festival and The Carillion.

So with an outfit still to be found on this given Friday in 2012, I took Steph Audino, Kim Barton, Zhivago and Ange Lang into the dressing room and was in utter happiness of having the choice of such amazing labels in one confined space!

I had hit the jackpot (thankfully!) and managed to return home in time to pull it all together with accessories -phew!

Hatch has done a fabulous job of bringing West Australian fashion together in one Schmick store!! Hoorah!

Just some of the local creatives that are stocked at Hatch; Ange Lang, Little Gracie, Butcher and the Crow, Catini, Steph Audino, Raspberry & Pop, Zsadar, Zhivago and Danielle Caputi among others. Hatch also stocks accessories by labels such as Sewellery and Generics.
Plan your visit to Hatch soon and you'll enjoy the Smokin' Hot Babes exhibition by Sharma Heylen-Silvia which are available for purchase…… Which smokin' hot babe will you choose?



Suburbia Style

5 Nov

No matter where you live, most suburbs have a nearby store that is your 'go to' for that last minute gift or outfit…. should you have “nothing to wear!!”.

I grew up in Guildford and back then, my Saturdays would entail working all morning at a local cafe and then heading to The Swan Valley Boutique to check out some gorgeous clothes to spend my earnings on!

The Swan Valley boutique was a small white house, filled with room after room of beautiful clothing and accessories which appealed to the polo and race going women who would shop there.

I would mostly dream when sorting through the beautiful garments but my mum would often purchase something fabulous to wear to a special occasion.

Whilst the Swan Valley Boutique no longer remains in that little white house I have since found many boutiques that stock some labels that I adore.

In recent times, I've stumbled across Sorella Store in Alfred Cove.

Set back off Canning Highway, this store is a gem for locals and I love seeing a mix of local designers together with some international labels.

Sunday just gone, Sorella store celebrated it's 3rd birthday and it was fantastic to head in for a fix of fashion for the upcoming party season!

Occupying two rooms, Sorella has a mix of fashion, footwear, accessories and cosmetics… Just what you need when running short of time and inspiration before heading out for the night!!
A rainy Sunday at Sorella Store and sipping on birthday champagne I found myself falling in love with some Manning Cartell, Shona Joy, House of Harlow and more… great way to spend some time after a long Sunday lunch!
If you are local to Alfred Cove, then head into Sorella Store, if not… Plan an outing or find yourself one of the many fantastic boutiques about town!
(Some other great boutiques to find…Woven & Willow, Et Seq, Shop 28).

Fathers day with StyleWA

29 Aug

With Fathers day this Sunday, I wanted to share some of my gift ideas for dads with style (or even those who aren’t so stylish……..will love these gems!)



$220.00 AUD 

From the S/S 2012 – The Creature in the Mirror collection
With a background in graphic arts and communications, designer Shane Newton launched ZSADAR in 2010.
Completely self-taught in fashion, Shane’s training in graphic arts has helped create a more experimental and conceptual approach to design.
Working with some of the Australia’s best pattern-makers and manufacturers, all garments are designed and produced in Western Australia.


Sophisticated and elegant in design, these cufflinks are the perfect gift for all corporate occasions featuring carbon fibre and titanium set with luxurious Kailis engraving.


Swivels Original “Fish Measure” (patent pending) is a measuring device designed to measure your catch against the legal size limits for your state. Designed with permission from local State Fisheries Departments, Fish Measure is a must have for all recreational anglers – young, old, novice and/or season professional.


BRAVE HEART – Lessons Learnt from Life, paperback $24.95

Brett Kirk opens up about his life and the challenges and triumphs that made him
one of the most admired AFL players in Australia



Get a taste of what it is like to be on board a barquentine tall ship – it truly is a unique and memorable experience. The sail includes a light meal on board with tea and coffee, so sit back and enjoy the experience.

Stylewa x

Costarella rocks East Perth for a day!

23 Aug

From years gone by – I know never to sleep in on the day of a Costarella sale!
This year was definitely no exception!! With doors opening at 9am the floods of fashionable people sorted through the racks on a mission to find their hot item (or 10 items).

The racks were stocked with sizes from zero up and everyone seemed to be walking out with gorgeous garments and a smile from ear to ear!
The more I looked, the more I wanted to try on and so I happily spent a good hour or so in change room bliss trying to decide what I can leave in the store!!
I would have stayed longer if I didn’t hear someone mention the words ‘parking inspectors’…………oh no!! Panic set in and the thought of paying East Perth shire the money I was about to use for a dress was mortifying.

After a quick dash to the meter, I was back in and walking out with my 2 gorgeous pieces  –  thankyou Costarella!

Aurelio Costarella’s warehouse sale – 9am-6pm Today (Thurs 23 August) – – There is still time to head in and be a part of the vibe!! But if you do miss out – remember to set your alarm for the next one – it’s worth it! x

Devine days in Hampden

16 Aug

Hampden Road, Nedlands. Been there lately?

If you haven’t been for a while it is definitely worth a visit!
No matter what time of day you visit Hampden Road, it usually has some kind of buzz – whether it be uni students on their coffee break, workers stopping for a drink, residents enjoying a sunny weekend breakfast or grabbing something unique from one of the gorgeous gift stores – it has it all in one small hub!

Whilst there are a few good cafe’s and restaurants along Hampden Road – my favourite would have to be La Lola Trattoria ( where you can find exquisite Italian food. You can’t book for dinner but its definately worth the wait as the food and service are excellent!

The thing that I love about any trip to Hampden Road is a visit to one of the two florists -both with equally beautiful shop fronts.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to Poppy’s just for a browse of beautiful things (although 9 times out of 10 walking out with a small arrangement for myself or someone I love!). I love buying flowers for my home as they finish off any room – they are just one of my indulgences!

So after a recent trip to Hampden Road for coffee & cake, I visited Devine Flowers for my fix of flowers………
Their shop front is decked out with the most gorgeous flowers for winter! Although it was grey and dreary outside, the flowers at Devine made my eyes sparkle and I felt like a child in a candy store. Their display did actually have candies in tall glass jars too so I really was in heaven!

I couldn’t resist sharing these beautiful images with you – taken at Devine Flowers in Nedlands!

So this Saturday morning – book your trip to Hampden Road. Pick a cafe in the sun, buy a good coffee, take good company and leave with flowers for someone you love x


Linneys celebrate 40 years of Australian Style

14 Aug

Who needs ‘Breakfast at Tiffanys’ when they can ‘Find Love at Linneys’!

I find love everytime I veiw a Linneys collection online or walk into their store in Subiaco – my wish list is endless!!

Linneys has been creating exquisite peices since they established in the 1970’s and were the first high end Australian jeweller to showcase Australian Pearls.
 Allan Linney (an innovative goldsmith and designer) and Bill Reed (a marine biologist and pearl farmer) have spent four decades creating and designing  stunning collections which incorporate West Australian Gold, magnificent diamonds and the highly regarded Broome South Sea Pearls.

Today, Linneys is a leader in Australian Jewellery design and prides itself on collections that are not only innovative, but also traditionally stylish.
 With 2 stores in Perth, 1 in Sydney  and 2 stores located in Broome, Linneys has not only made themselves well known to the public in Australia and abroad but they are an icon in the world of ‘Style’.

In 2012, Linneys continues to work with Brand Ambassadors, Jessica Marais and Jason Dundas and the new, fresh young look heralds an exciting new era for the company in the future.
 Linney’s founder and Creative director Allan Linney has worked with his son, Justin and the team to create their latest collection, which marks their 40th Anniversary. The collection is inspired by music and each piece is a song based on a particular genre……..for more about the anniversary collection go to the ‘Influencing Faces of Style’ section of where Creative Director, Justin Linney has shared his inspiration and passion.

Whilst there are now a few jewellery designers in Australia, working with our world-class resources, Linneys stands out from the crowd as it not only is it innovative but it also has 40 years of industry experience and a name with an impeccable reputation!
 Who wouldn’t want a little package from Linneys to mark a special occasion (or even ‘just because’)!

To start making your Linneys ‘wish list’ go to;
Here is where your loved one can spoil you –
Linneys store locations;
 Perth  (37 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco and at the Crown Promenade, Burswood)
Sydney (Westfield, Castlereagh St, Sydney)
 Broome (Chinatown, 25 Dampier Tce and Cable Beach Club Resort, Cable Beach)

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