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Colour your world with a visit to Linneys

1 Sep

The first day of Spring saw Linneys ablaze with colour as it unveiled its latest botanical-inspired collection.
The exhibition was opened in style and guests where treated to a morning full of colourful blooms and exquisite jewellery pieces to admire.

Alan Linney, who has a love for gardening and seasonal blooms, has designed a collection of seven custom jewellery pieces which were used as inspiration for the floral creations.
Some of WA’s leading florists were assigned to each of the seven pieces and their floral interpretations were truly stunning!!

A few of my favourite florists contributed to the exhibition, Devine Flowers, Funky Bunches and Flowers in Bloom and…… (actually they are all amazing!!) and guests attending the exhibition were asked to vote to determine the ‘People’s Choice’ in floral design. Deciding my favourite was difficult and the final votes are tallied toward the end of the exhibition.

The exhibition is open to the public from September 3-8 at 37 Rockeby Road, Subiaco and is a must see for all of you that love flowers and fine jewellery!!!!

So on the first day of Spring, I was in heaven with the morning spent in Linneys and surrounded by blooms as far as the eye could see………….what more could a girl ask for!!
(ok chocolates and champagne usually get a mention but who needs them when you have Linneys jewellery and flowers!)

To experience the full beauty of these images, plan your visit to Linneys for this amazing exhibit.


Justin Linney – Assistant Creative Director of Linneys

14 Aug

So if you’ve been online to veiw the collection, or if you’ve been into one of the Linneys stores I just know you are going to ‘Fall in Love at Linneys’ as I do time and time again!
Linneys uses the most lustrous pearls, magnificent diamonds and Western Australian gold and with innovative, creative designers who have years of industry experience it is no wonder each peice is exquisite!!

One of the faces behind the beautiful peices is Justin Linney whose role in the company is the Assistant Creative Director (style must run in the Linney family!). Justin is successful in his field, creative and passionate about the company and we have been fortunate at Stylewa to spend time learning more about Justin and the world of Linneys.

Stylewa:  Congratulations on the creation of Linneys 40th anniversary collection!
There are some bold, unique pieces in this latest collection – how was it decided that music be the inspiration?

The fantastic thing about celebrating our 40 years in business is that we’ve had the privilege of being able to influence fashion and design over 4 decades. In the 40th anniversary collection the jeweller tells the story of different musical genres from classical to rock. Using Music was a natural progression to build on the success of the previous two collections that were inspired by visual arts and dance. Like your favourite song, a piece of jewellery can capture a special moment in time. With these links between jewellery and music there was plenty of inspiration and it was an exciting creative process to be involved in with our design team and jewellers.

Stylewa: Linneys award-winning jewellery collection features West Australian gold, world-class diamonds and highly regarded Broome South Sea pearls. What do you believe makes Linneys so unique among other Western Australian jewellery designers?

Linneys is known for creating exquisite jewellery art that captures the spirit of romance and beauty. Our pieces are timeless and often become family heirlooms that get handed down from generation to generation. In terms of being unique it is really how we transform the precious West Australian materials into innovative an d distinctive designs that has received international recognition. Linneys was the first Australian jeweller to sell Broome pearls some 30 years ago, and since setting this benchmark we have become well known for also using West Australian gold and rare Argyle Pink Diamonds.

Cartier has the iconic ‘Love Band’ and Tiffany & Co the ‘padlock’………what would you say is Linneys signature piece?

Linneys has a distinctive style that underpins all of the jewellery that we create. Linneys clients love the diversity of jewellery that is available and that our pieces aren’t restricted to only pearls or diamonds. Also, having a team of designers enables clients to sit down and create bespoke one-off pieces that suit their individual style. My father Alan is known for his free-form and organic expressive designs which are often reflective of and inspired by natural elements such as the ocean and the Kimberly landscape so I would say that this has become the signature Linneys style.

How did Linneys celebrate its 40th anniversary?

We celebrated 40 years of business with the launch of our 40th anniversary collection. The celebration will continue for the rest of the year including an exclusive Spring Flowers event in September in which my Father Alan has design and handcrafted a limited edition range of  jewellery that is being interpreted into floral installations by seven of Perth’s leading florists.  The 40th anniversary collection is beautifully showcased by our ambassadors, Jessica Marais and Jason Dundas, who were photographed for the catalogue in Miami. It has been said that life begins at 40 – the Linney’s team are proud to be a family owned and run business and we are excited about continued growth and creating unique jewellery for our clients to wear and enjoy for years to come.

Stylewa: Justin thankyou for your time with Stylewa and we look forward to watching as the Linneys empire continues to grow and the each collection continues to impress us all!
Thankyou for bringing the world of style, creative, beautiful, innovative and classic pieces to add to their ‘wish lists’!!

Stylewa x

a few of my favourites at Stylewa………

Linneys celebrate 40 years of Australian Style

14 Aug

Who needs ‘Breakfast at Tiffanys’ when they can ‘Find Love at Linneys’!

I find love everytime I veiw a Linneys collection online or walk into their store in Subiaco – my wish list is endless!!

Linneys has been creating exquisite peices since they established in the 1970’s and were the first high end Australian jeweller to showcase Australian Pearls.
 Allan Linney (an innovative goldsmith and designer) and Bill Reed (a marine biologist and pearl farmer) have spent four decades creating and designing  stunning collections which incorporate West Australian Gold, magnificent diamonds and the highly regarded Broome South Sea Pearls.

Today, Linneys is a leader in Australian Jewellery design and prides itself on collections that are not only innovative, but also traditionally stylish.
 With 2 stores in Perth, 1 in Sydney  and 2 stores located in Broome, Linneys has not only made themselves well known to the public in Australia and abroad but they are an icon in the world of ‘Style’.

In 2012, Linneys continues to work with Brand Ambassadors, Jessica Marais and Jason Dundas and the new, fresh young look heralds an exciting new era for the company in the future.
 Linney’s founder and Creative director Allan Linney has worked with his son, Justin and the team to create their latest collection, which marks their 40th Anniversary. The collection is inspired by music and each piece is a song based on a particular genre……..for more about the anniversary collection go to the ‘Influencing Faces of Style’ section of where Creative Director, Justin Linney has shared his inspiration and passion.

Whilst there are now a few jewellery designers in Australia, working with our world-class resources, Linneys stands out from the crowd as it not only is it innovative but it also has 40 years of industry experience and a name with an impeccable reputation!
 Who wouldn’t want a little package from Linneys to mark a special occasion (or even ‘just because’)!

To start making your Linneys ‘wish list’ go to;
Here is where your loved one can spoil you –
Linneys store locations;
 Perth  (37 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco and at the Crown Promenade, Burswood)
Sydney (Westfield, Castlereagh St, Sydney)
 Broome (Chinatown, 25 Dampier Tce and Cable Beach Club Resort, Cable Beach)

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