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styleaid wrap!

31 Jul

opulence is definitely the word when it came to Friday night’s STYLEAID parade!
Congratulations to event coordinators for pulling off a night to remember – the room looked spectacular, the guests were dressed fabulously and the whole evening exuded style.

I couldn’t wait to see all the designers on show but it was definitely worth the wait – and I loved every minute of it!

Here are some fave’s from the night;


Meet Ms B Black!

31 Jul

I walked into Bridget Black’s North Perth skin care boutique on a cold winters day and was pleasantly surprised by the twinkling of burning candles that filled the store with a gorgeous sweet aroma. Instantly I felt warm and cosy and felt as if I’d walked into a friends place or a boutique hotel.

“Bridget Black” I noticed was tastefully labelled across the products dotted around the room. ‘Ahhh yes, I have met Miss Black before……….that smell reminded me that I had a candle encounter in the past’. So I really was walking into a friends place!

So if you haven’t taken the time to visit Bridget Black’s store – do so……………and in the meantime, let me introduce you to this amazing lady and her beautiful products!

stylewa: Bridget Black you are a qualified chemist, mother and entrepreneur -what is it you are most proud of?
BB: The way i have been able to balance my business with my family and make choices that benefit my children but also my business and wellbeing. Im also proud of creating a job and a business that I love and believe in.

stylewa: bridget black is a unique company that has been developed in Western Australia, its philosophy is clean and branding is  effortlessly stylish. What makes bridget black products comparable on an international level?
BB: its no secret that the cosmetics market is saturated. When bridget black was developed, my aim was to create a brand that represented a lifestyle – from chic packaging to a sustainable lifestyle to an affordable facial. It’s not just a product that is lost on the department store shelves – its a special (and personal experience) 
that is accessible and affordable.

stylewa: Bridget Black you are a qualified chemist, mother and entrepreneur  -what is it you are most proud of?
BB: The way i have been able to balance my business with my family and make choices that benefit my children but also my business and  wellbeing. Im also proud of creating a job and a business that I love and believe in.
stylewa: What would be a signature product unique to bridget black ?
BB: Our buffing beads remains our best selling product and our “cult”product. They transform any cleanser into an exfoliant and we love them!


Hot on their tail is our new organic muslin cloths. The fabric is spun in New Zealand (as well as our organic baby wear) and the benefits of 
cleansing with muslin are amazing.



stylewa: bridget black adopts a recycling programme whereby they give  credit to customers for returned packaging which goes toward their  next purchase – where did you get this idea from and why is it  important to you?
BB: The thing I love most about bridget black is the community that we  have created. Having packaging that is returnable allows us to control the discarded packaging and allows us to touch base with our clients.

stylewa: What’s in the pipeline for bridget blacktm  in the future?
BB: We have some exciting prospects at the moment – from a new store in Melbourne to the shopping channel in New Zealand. we have a range of  teas due for launch also. Exciting times!

stylewa: Bridget Black – thankyou for your time with stylewa……..we look forward to watching bridget black grow as one of WA’s most stylish icons. x

The face behind the Flannel empire – Kristy Lawrence

26 Jul

I love the label Flannel. Walking into a Flannel store makes you feel like you have just found a gorgeous boutique somewhere on the outskirts of Paris.
The shop front itself is a feast for the stylish eye and the creative mind and its the place where award-winning designer, Kristy Lawrence has successfully translated her lifestyle into a signature range of fashion and home wares.

With an upcoming trip to the US as well as Flannel’s involvement with this weeks’ STYLEAID parade, Kristy Lawrence is busy to say the least!
With that said, Kristy has been lovely enough to take time out to chat about all things Flannel and the insight has made me love it even more!
stylewa:  When Flannel opened its first store here in WA, did u ever expect the label would grow as rapidly as it has? 

K.L:  Flannel started as a partnership with my sister Brooke. It came about from my love of creating and both of us wanting to earn some extra funds for us to indulge in our love of travel together with our children. After successfully selling to independent stores we went on to open our first store in Cottesloe. It was more as a love of the Flannel product and wanting to showcase it in its entirety with our homewares etc. We were so excited by the immediate reaction from clients both wholesale and retail and the continuous growth we are still discovering now 5 years later! What started as a hobby has grown to a very exciting, successful and fast growing business.

stylewa:  Your style is so effortlessly chic- what are your inspirations when designing garments? 

K.L:  For me its about being simply chic with a little attitude and most importantly comfortable! I design for what I would like to wear and get much of my inspiration from women in the street, it could be their attitude, a particular colour, fabrication or design detail. I love to travel and people watch!

Our philosophy really suits how I feel..

Live, Work and Play!
“Paris meets New York for the Australian lifestyle. Flannel’s collections create a relaxed, luxurious, playful feeling, chalky hues, with a fresh hint of colour, understated, graceful style with an edge of a rock-bohemian chic, for customers who appreciate the finer things in life. Unique and simple, Flannel is a consumate label full of covetable everyday pieces.”

stylewa:  The name Flannel……how did it come about? 

K.L:  Over a red wine with friends! We love how the brand is a contradiction to what people immediately think of the name but at the same time it still suits. Conjuring thoughts of comfort, home etc. It becomes a topic of conversation.

stylewa:  You already have stores in Perth, Sydney and feature at David Jones, what’s in store for the future at Flannel? 

K.L:  A very much anticipated store in Melbourne adding to our 4 stores in Perth. (Cottesloe, South Perth, Garden City and Subiaco) and our Mosman store in Sydney. Very exciting things to come in the US. Keep you posted!!

Kristy Lawrence you are one very talented designer!
Thankyou for your time and we look forward to watching for Flannels next exciting edition.

You can follow Flannel and Kristy’s latest at;

love zaccaria winter 2012 – get it at 40% off!

23 Jul

As winter is finally setting in…….. embrace it with your finest winter style!

The House of Zaccaria put up some gorgeous peices in their Winter 2012 collection and they are on sale now for 40% off.

You can grab your gorgeous winter bargain at

absolute stylish steal;  definition – this ‘feeling sideways jacket’ by house of zaccaria – $329.00 $197.41

Feeling Sideways Jacket

happiness on hobart street………

16 Jul

A very stylish Rebecca Judd (Myer ambassador & model) has a very gorgeous web page –
In this very gorgeous web page she drops the names of some very cool Perth places to dine………………one of which is Beluga in Claremont (a favourite of mine) and the other is Hobart Deli on Hobart St, North Perth – noted for their high standards in coffee.

As Ms Judd also added that Hobart Deli was opposite a park, I thought I’d venture North of the city to check it out.

So I lined a friend up, scored a sunny winters day in Perth and had a quick look online for Hobart Deli before departing for my 10am date with a new favourite corner shop!

Well, the street was bustling around the corner cafe and it was easy to see why – fabulous coffee, beautiful cakes and slices and service with a smile…………..

My son liked the decor (a feast for the young eye) and the sweet selections! We chose the lemon pistachio slice – to share (although it was a mistake to think he’d leave me more than a bite!). It was a bite of heaven anyway!

The best part about this very chic Perth cafe was, as Rebecca noted, that there was a fantastic part right opposite – perfect for burning some of that sugary energy that little Perth-ite’s consume………….and perfect for enjoying a take-away coffee and some winter rays for any grown-up!

***A little stumble while searching for Hobart St – the following web page is a useful tool for out & about in Perth;

Scoop – saturated with WA style

10 Jul

Edition 60 -2012

15 years of scoop, 8 titles, 139 editions, 32860 pages, 2878 million copies………………..100% stylish……….always!!

I’m in love with Scoop magazine because;
1. I can happily lose an hour browsing through each and every page (yes- even the advertisments are worth drooling over!)
2. It incorporates lifestyle, food and fashion in one beautifully presented publication
3. It is relevant to WA so I can feel, taste, wear and experience all of the amazing finds inside the cover
4. I am proud to leave it on my coffee table as it always has an artistic cover that makes me and my guests want to pick it up and read
5. Whenever I walk into a Western Australian hotel or resort I am quite often greeted by a ‘in-room’ copy of Scoop and that makes me feel at home……………….. and it means my husband can watch whatever he wants on foxtel as I’ll have my head in Scoop (so romantic- but it’s win-win!).

Scoop’s style editor does a fantastic job at making every page interesting visually as well as giving readers an artistic journey through WA’s finest products and hottest topics. If you haven’t yet had your encounter with the Winter 2012 – 60th edition, buy it today and see for yourself  what an amazing job the team at Scoop and the style editor does at compiling such a reputable magazine. You can subscribe online here;

Whilst Scoop has always covered topics, relevant to West Australians and interesting to visitors to the West, in 2012 the magazine has a adopted a fresh focus on social and community issues impacting our state.
With this, it offers decision makers, opinion-leaders and experts to present their views to readers and aims to ensure topics are not sensationalized  to make them more appealing. Scoop magazine offer credible articles that inform their readers and welcome debate in return!

I beleive style in WA  is innovative, fresh, unique and well represented by Scoop magazine.

Keep up the good work Scoop!!

STYLEAID’s Event Coordinator

9 Jul

Stephanie Patniotis is the Event Co-ordinator for STYLEAID 2012 and although she is dancing with a busy work schedule in the weeks leading up to the night, she was lovely enough to spare some time to share with all of us @ stylewa!

  1. What makes STYLEAID different from other charity fundraisers in Perth?
Definitely  the fashion aspect; STYLEAID is Perth’s largest fashion fundraiser. The event is renowned  for fostering WA fashion,  including hair, make up, models, and designers. It’s a very exciting part of the evening for all of us, and could not be done without the amazing work of Aly May our Creative Director, all the agencies and models who donate their time, as well as the teams from MAC and L’Oreal. The commitment to the event and the cause is truly remarkable

2. 15 designers to celebrate STYLEAID’s 15th year – how does the selection of designers come about?
We have such amazing talent here in WA, it’s so hard to select every year. It’s a team effort between our Creative Director, Aly May and the STYLEAID Committee. We invite designers to get involved each year to ensure we have some of the finest fashions walking our catwalk!

3. How has STYLEAID changed since it’s inaugural event? It continues to grow and evolve each year.
We have a different theme every year, which plays a major part in the event’s execution. From theming, to designers, to hosts, to sponsors, each year is extremely different from the previous!

4.  What is the most challenging part of co-ordinating WA’s most stylish ‘night-of-nights’?
Seating Plan!! There’s no doubt about that….

 5. A personal question for STYLEAID’s Event Coordinator………..which one Perth designer would you chose to define your own fashion style?
One? I don’t think I can do it in one. United Constructions, Aurelio Costarella, Morrison and Monster Alphabets would have to be some of my favourites – but each year, I fall in love with at least one item from each of our designers. This year is no different. I want to wear EVERYTHING that comes down that catwalk. What am I wearing this year? Well… no idea!!

Stephanie Patniotis
STYLEAID Event Coordinator
WA AIDS Council

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