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The style Scoop

23 Sep

Spending a few months in Mandurah over the winter months, was lovely, although I couldn't wait for my Perth city lifestyle to return. I love the ever emerging face of our city and enjoy everything it has to offer…..the beaches, the cafe's, restaurants, shopping, fashion and art. Perth is home to many exciting events and beautiful things as well as some inspirational people. I find much of my inspiration through images in real life and in the media.

Scoop magazine always manages to inspire me and I always make sure I get my hands on the latest issue to keep up to date with 'what's happening' in the world of WA style.

In this latest Spring issue, I found a few gorgeous images and ideas that I wanted to share with you…..

Firstly, the cover…..loving the vibrant colour and beautiful image – very worthy of displaying on any coffee table!
Very keen to check out this emerging Perth accessory designer -would love to own a piece like this!
One of my favourite CBD brasseries! Check out my review under 'Tastebud Envy' at
I knew Poppy Lissiman was soon to get it's new season stock……I didn't know it would be this gorgeous!! Will be planning a visit to her Claremont store soon!!
One very stylish friend of mine updated me on what's happening East of the river and she mentioned the Swallow Bar in Maylands! We had agreed to check it out sometime but after seeing this in the latest Scoop, I think sometime soon
Ok so this one is SANA in Claremont's fault. I fell in love with this Parisian friendship bands after being shown them on my return to Perth…. I just love a bit of 'arm candy' to add glamour to a casual outfit (especially when it's from Paris with LOVE).
For more on Scoop's Style Editor, Claire Ryan go to 'Influencing Faces of Style' at
So there you have it… My latest pics from Scoop Magazine and my loves of the moment…… Pick up your latest copy of Scoop to find upcoming events, what's happening in Perth, Fundraising efforts, fashion, art, dining and more! X




18 Sep

I adore women's fashion!

I love tailored suits, dresses, fitted skirts, hoisery, lingerie and most of all I love a great pair of heels! No matter what I'm wearing, when I put on some fabulous stilettos I feel great….. Well to be honest, sometimes slightly uncomfortable, but feminine and fabulous none the less!!

Men, on the other hand have it easy. They put on a pair of jeans, a shirt and some flat shoes and they are dressed and comfortable! But what about men's style? Fashion, fit and style to make men feel amazing!

A man can be defined by his style – and with a few key wardrobe pieces, a hint of aftershave and some confidence and charm, he will, without a doubt feel amazing!

5 tips for Men's style

1. Ensure length of trousers – you don't want your pants to be mid calf when you sit down!

2. Invest in a full length mirror! Do you know what you look like before you leave the house?

3. Tuck your shirt in if the shirt is a style to be tucked!

4. Buy a good belt and shoes – people DO notice a well dressed man!

5. Grooming and aftershave!

We have some amazing stores here in Perth that sell fantastic men's clothing. Store assistants are often trained to give good advice on how garments should fit, so use them!

For the fashionable man who wants a statement peice by a Western Australian designer, head to Zsadar online store;

Shane Newton is the designer of ZSADAR and his 'The Creature in the Mirror' collection will be showcased at the 2012 Perth Fashion Festival

For more about ZSADAR go to the 'Threads to Adore' section of Stylewa at


Spring Style

30 Aug

SPRING is upon us……

Come September, WA’s style calendar is full of exciting events which showcase all of our very best fashion, food, shows and exhibitions.

Stylewa can’t wait to bring all the colour, glamour and excitement from this sensational season…….keep up to date with all the latest by ‘Liking’ Stylewa on facebook or following via email.

In the meantime, enjoy your first day of Spring on Saturday and I hope you find some inspiration in these things I love to do in Spring-

1. Spend time outdoors – whenever the sun is shining, go outside and breath in some warm spring air (mind you if you get hay fever – stay away from this one!)

2. Bake something with seasonal produce – we have some amazing fresh produce in WA…..fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses and seafood – now is your time to bake – up a storm

3. Fill your house with fresh flowers – do a trip to your local florist, flower market or your own garden and find happiness in a bunch of blooms – you deserve it.

4. Have a bath, light some candles and chill……..spring is a busy month and you’ll need to be rejuvinated for all the excitement that awaits.

5. Go on a mini-shopping spree!! We have some amazing designers in WA – check out the line-up for PFF and indulge in at least one fabulous outfit – you’ll need it during Spring Racing Carnival!!

6. Book in a race day at Perth races with great friends – it’s such a fun day out and is the perfect place to find a stylish crowd.

7. Head to a cafe on the coast and enjoy brunch (my favourites right now are the Pickled and Naked Fig and Barchetta).

8. Read a good book

9. Show your loved ones how much you love them! (anything Gucci works for me!!)

9. Turn up your radio and dance……… is meant to be fun!

Happy Spring!! x

Bliss at the Pan Pacific Perth

13 Aug

A winter weekend stay at the Pan Pacific – just because!

Always love having my car being parked by valet and being greeted by reception staff that are courteous and efficient. I also love the grandeur of a marble foyer and checking into a suite that is bigger than my local coffee shop!

With a recent refurb, the bathrooms at the Pan Pacific were beautifully appointed and with the bath in prime position to view the television, there was no better way to spend the afternoon than soaking in style.

Having a past life in the travel industry, I find myself being a bit of a hotel connoisseur and the one thing that I am really impressed by (especially after an afternoon of soaking) is big fluffy white towels.
The towels at the Pan Pacific are fabulous, as is the crisp white bed linen……these two things alone make me feel very welcome.

I love the simplicity  and purity of pure white linen and towels. Team them up with a bunch of gorgeous white flowers on the table and I not only feel welcome, but I’m right at home!

A comfortable bed and the rain falling on the window outside, was the key to a good night sleep and with breakfast just a phone call away I really did wake up in heaven!!  With waffles on the breakfast menu I was seriously considering taking up full time residency at the Pan Pacific- in my dreams…..

If you are in need of some winter TLC -do yourself a favour and book yourself in to experience your own piece of  Pan Pacific heaven!

With love

Stylewa x

Scoop – saturated with WA style

10 Jul

Edition 60 -2012

15 years of scoop, 8 titles, 139 editions, 32860 pages, 2878 million copies………………..100% stylish……….always!!

I’m in love with Scoop magazine because;
1. I can happily lose an hour browsing through each and every page (yes- even the advertisments are worth drooling over!)
2. It incorporates lifestyle, food and fashion in one beautifully presented publication
3. It is relevant to WA so I can feel, taste, wear and experience all of the amazing finds inside the cover
4. I am proud to leave it on my coffee table as it always has an artistic cover that makes me and my guests want to pick it up and read
5. Whenever I walk into a Western Australian hotel or resort I am quite often greeted by a ‘in-room’ copy of Scoop and that makes me feel at home……………….. and it means my husband can watch whatever he wants on foxtel as I’ll have my head in Scoop (so romantic- but it’s win-win!).

Scoop’s style editor does a fantastic job at making every page interesting visually as well as giving readers an artistic journey through WA’s finest products and hottest topics. If you haven’t yet had your encounter with the Winter 2012 – 60th edition, buy it today and see for yourself  what an amazing job the team at Scoop and the style editor does at compiling such a reputable magazine. You can subscribe online here;

Whilst Scoop has always covered topics, relevant to West Australians and interesting to visitors to the West, in 2012 the magazine has a adopted a fresh focus on social and community issues impacting our state.
With this, it offers decision makers, opinion-leaders and experts to present their views to readers and aims to ensure topics are not sensationalized  to make them more appealing. Scoop magazine offer credible articles that inform their readers and welcome debate in return!

I beleive style in WA  is innovative, fresh, unique and well represented by Scoop magazine.

Keep up the good work Scoop!!

Style in my world

20 Jun

There are certain images that I just love to look at…….

Things that surround me in my world and that remind me of just an experience, a moment of happiness or is just something that I find beautiful.

Not always am I able to capture the image in its full glory but there are some things that I try to savour with a photo

   winter findings

     my son-shine x x

     oriental table

   papaya splurge (found this @papaya in Sydney)

   in flight @ home

    courtesy husband (& the stunners@ flowers in the garden….garden city)

   from highgate deli to my kitchen table

  morning tea @mine

  just 2 of my indulgences

love is

love on a plate

Words can’t describe




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