Devine days in Hampden

16 Aug

Hampden Road, Nedlands. Been there lately?

If you haven’t been for a while it is definitely worth a visit!
No matter what time of day you visit Hampden Road, it usually has some kind of buzz – whether it be uni students on their coffee break, workers stopping for a drink, residents enjoying a sunny weekend breakfast or grabbing something unique from one of the gorgeous gift stores – it has it all in one small hub!

Whilst there are a few good cafe’s and restaurants along Hampden Road – my favourite would have to be La Lola Trattoria ( where you can find exquisite Italian food. You can’t book for dinner but its definately worth the wait as the food and service are excellent!

The thing that I love about any trip to Hampden Road is a visit to one of the two florists -both with equally beautiful shop fronts.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to Poppy’s just for a browse of beautiful things (although 9 times out of 10 walking out with a small arrangement for myself or someone I love!). I love buying flowers for my home as they finish off any room – they are just one of my indulgences!

So after a recent trip to Hampden Road for coffee & cake, I visited Devine Flowers for my fix of flowers………
Their shop front is decked out with the most gorgeous flowers for winter! Although it was grey and dreary outside, the flowers at Devine made my eyes sparkle and I felt like a child in a candy store. Their display did actually have candies in tall glass jars too so I really was in heaven!

I couldn’t resist sharing these beautiful images with you – taken at Devine Flowers in Nedlands!

So this Saturday morning – book your trip to Hampden Road. Pick a cafe in the sun, buy a good coffee, take good company and leave with flowers for someone you love x



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