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Rubies and diamonds at Rosendorff

10 Feb

Today marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year – The Year of the Snake.

Whilst I am not a fan of slithering reptiles, I will happily join in a celebration of cultural festivities and am intrigued by the Chinese traditions and significant symbols.

A friend with knowledge of Chinese culture, shared with me the significance Feng Shui and how the colour Red represents the fire element which is believed to attract richness and luxury. The colour red also is good for passion, prosperity and love.

When I think of the colour red, I think of rubies and when I think of richness and luxury, I think of diamonds (what female doesn't!!!).

So when Rosendorff the jeweller bought out a limited edition pendant especially for the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Snake, I could see why it was designed using a combination of rubies and diamonds!

Rosendorff has been in WA since 1963 when founder and owner Craig Rosendorff began his career.

The piece was designed by the Rosendorff design and production manager, Jens Kirsch who has re-joined the Rosendorff team recently after working for 10 years in some of Germany and the United Kingdom's most prestigious jewellery houses.

Mr Kirsch shared with STYLEWA what his motivation behind producing a piece in celebration of the Chinese New Year was…..

The ancient Chinese culture has many hidden shapes, colour combinations and inspiring elements, which is a fascinating area to explore. Particularly with the Snake Pendant, we wanted to showcase our highly skilled Rosendorff workshop together with an exciting, yet unique piece.What a magnificent combination!”

The Year if the Snake Pendant is on display at the Rosendorff Perth CBD showroom and boutiques in Claremont Quarter and Garden City.

With Valentines day also coming up this Thursday… I think it will be a popular piece to mark two occasions in 2013!

(Happy New Year and welcome Valentines Day 2013! x)


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