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Warming to winter in the West

10 Jul

Winter in the West has so far, been free of rain and full of sunny blue skies. Which is fantastic for being out and about during the day but with the clear days comes bitterly cold mornings.

Every morning I build up the courage to jump out of bed and into the chilly morning air. My usual morning routine is performed in super speed as I hurry toward the warm shower that awaits me. Fair to say, I am a lover of the warmer months!

However, I try to convince myself every year that there are things to love about the colder weather and I came up with the following;

1. Baths – Having a warm bath and jumping into some cosy knitwear before settling in for a relaxed evening is my idea of winter bliss.

2. Winter wardrobe – tailored coats, layered outfits, patterned tights, fur trims and boots!

I love following the trends of winter emerging from fashion houses in the Northern Hemisphere.

Designers in Europe and the US create stylish collections which are suited to the chilliest of climates… Pick up a copy of Vogue Paris to get a sneak peek of what's in store for next season and get excited for 2014!!

3. Candles – filling the house with scented candles not only makes it feel warm and inviting but the aroma is devine. Rarely can I walk past a store selling a collection of scented candles without going in to smell their wares!

There are so brands and styles of candles now on the market now, all boasting gorgeous packaging and designs. But whether it be Blood orange and cinnamon, Wild orchid and vanilla, Lime and coconut or Tahitian Spa…. My house smells delicious in winter!

4. Body R&R – in winter I am happy getting to bed a bit earlier and recharge my energy levels. With my pillow the destination for the night, I throw on some pre-bed moisturiser, lip balm and the occasional hair mask and I wake up feeling amazing.

5. Comfort food – I start the day with wheatgrass, lemon juice and a fresh juice so I have every excuse to then indulge in some of my favourite winter meals. Hot oats with toasted almonds, apricot pies, custards, puddings and roast vegetables are some of my winter weaknesses. Winter weather creates the perfect excuse for me to stay inside and create in the kitchen.

6. Swan valley days – I grew up in Guildford and spent many weekends browsing antique stores in Guildford with my mum (although I wasn't a fan of this until I was older- as a child I despised the musty smells that filled the stores I thought they were in real need of a good scented candle!!).

I also spent days visiting places in the Swan Valley with my parents – cafe's and wineries and riverside picnic spots were weekend destinations and now I love an excuse for a visit to see what's new in our Swan Valley.

Ok, enough said that there is infact, some good reasons to love winter but I am still absolutely longing for the warmer months to be here again. I figure I have around twelve weeks of winter before I can throw on a summer dress …. My countdown is on!

I have a treasure trove of new season finds in store for spring/summer 13/14 already and I can't wait to share at Stylewa soon…. X


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