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Flannel’s spectacular night of 1920’s glamour

25 Sep

Have you ever had a dream so beautiful that you didn't want it to end?

Elegant models dotted throughout the crowd…picture perfect
Last night I was lucky enough to attend 'An Evening with Flannel', one of the events in the Perth Fashion Festival line up. It was certainly an evening so beautifully put together, that it was as if I'd stepped into a 1920's dream…..and I didn't want it to end.
Aesthetically impressive in every way, the evening had put me into sensory overload and the event stylists (including former Vogue stylist, Meg Gray), did a wonderful job in taking guests back to yesteryear for a night of Flannel glamour.
Models out the front of Hackett Hall as guests arrive
Upon entry, guests were offered cocktails served in old fashioned glasses, as well as a selection of delectable canapés. With the bar being a hand painted backdrop, you felt as if you had stepped onto the set of a classic movie being shot in the 1920's. The room was decorated by not only the stunning models in their gorgeous flannel garments, but also an array of old world furniture pieces, exotic floral arrangements and warm lighting.
Guests mingled around the bar area where they were able to get up close with the models and the gorgeous Flannel garments. This was a fabulous way to showcase the collection as you could see how the pieces were crafted as well as the detailing of the fabric and embellishments.
I have had a Flannel infactuation since they opened their first store in Cottesloe – I love the way their garments are so comfortable, yet feminine and luxurious. Kristy Lawrence is the designer of Flannel and it was lovely to see her there last night ….. Read more about Kristy under the 'Infuencing Faces of Style' section of Stylewa.
With Flannel Designer Kristy Lawrence
Guests were soon shown to their seats, allocated with place cards and gift bags at a beautifully set table. The table was dotted with flowers and champagne flutes that were continually topped up with Pommery champagne….. Very indulgent for a Monday!
A parade took place amongst the seated dinner guests and with the 1920's music in full swing, everyone seemed to be enjoying the full spectacle of the show.
A choice of main was soon served and the catering was faultless I have to say! The trio of desserts to follow impressed everyone at our table and the menu was well thought out in following the theme of the 1920's. We could have been in Paris with the Creme Brûlée and the French champagne!
An evening with Flannel was one gorgeous night spent enjoying great food and fashion in room full of style and elegance……
Some more pics from my album!………
Beautiful Ebbeny Faranda straight from work to glam!
Pre-eve pic



The style Scoop

23 Sep

Spending a few months in Mandurah over the winter months, was lovely, although I couldn't wait for my Perth city lifestyle to return. I love the ever emerging face of our city and enjoy everything it has to offer…..the beaches, the cafe's, restaurants, shopping, fashion and art. Perth is home to many exciting events and beautiful things as well as some inspirational people. I find much of my inspiration through images in real life and in the media.

Scoop magazine always manages to inspire me and I always make sure I get my hands on the latest issue to keep up to date with 'what's happening' in the world of WA style.

In this latest Spring issue, I found a few gorgeous images and ideas that I wanted to share with you…..

Firstly, the cover…..loving the vibrant colour and beautiful image – very worthy of displaying on any coffee table!
Very keen to check out this emerging Perth accessory designer -would love to own a piece like this!
One of my favourite CBD brasseries! Check out my review under 'Tastebud Envy' at
I knew Poppy Lissiman was soon to get it's new season stock……I didn't know it would be this gorgeous!! Will be planning a visit to her Claremont store soon!!
One very stylish friend of mine updated me on what's happening East of the river and she mentioned the Swallow Bar in Maylands! We had agreed to check it out sometime but after seeing this in the latest Scoop, I think sometime soon
Ok so this one is SANA in Claremont's fault. I fell in love with this Parisian friendship bands after being shown them on my return to Perth…. I just love a bit of 'arm candy' to add glamour to a casual outfit (especially when it's from Paris with LOVE).
For more on Scoop's Style Editor, Claire Ryan go to 'Influencing Faces of Style' at
So there you have it… My latest pics from Scoop Magazine and my loves of the moment…… Pick up your latest copy of Scoop to find upcoming events, what's happening in Perth, Fundraising efforts, fashion, art, dining and more! X


Stylish photo shoot on location at Wesley Quarter

22 Sep

Day 3 of the Perth Fashion Festival and I was off to check out a live photo shoot, on location at Wesley Quarter.

A marquee was set up for the photo shoot to take place and it provided much needed shelter for all the talented people who were putting it all together.

The photo shoot was scheduled to take place at 1.30pm and at approximately 1.28pm, the sky opened up and there was a down pouring of heavy rain! This kept the attendees of the event (free to the public) to a minimum which meant that I scored a fantastic view of the model at work.

Huddled under the eaves of a nearby shop, I watched as 'it girl' Fabienne Vanderhaeghen struck a pose and showed us all why she is so good at her job!!

The lovely Claire Davies, Fashion Editor of The Sunday Times, was also on location to give advice on styling and shared how she puts a look together for a shoot like this one.

After the shoot, I had a lunch date at the Quarter on Hay, where I enjoyed some scallops, watercress and roasted beetroot salad with a glass of sparkles from Spain……. all served with great company and good service!!

A Friday with fashion and friends – what more could I ask for….except a little sunshine!!

(this was a free to the public event as part of the PFF and there are many other free events on offer during the festival. For a full list of events, head to;

(image courtesy Perth Fashion Festval)


Perth kicks off an amazing Fashion Festival!!

21 Sep
The Perth Fashion Festival kicked off this week with Local designer ‘One Fell Swoop’ being the star attraction. The Perth Town Hall played host to a flock of fashionistas, media and VIPs all keen to join in Opening Night celebrations.

With the Festival now in it’s 14th year, the events have never been better, with so many talented designers showing off their latest creations.

PFF Essentials!
Last night was my first PFF event – Designer Capsule 1 which showcased the collections of talented Western Australian labels including; The Butcher and the Crow, ZSADAR, Daniella Caputi and Lisa Marjanovich.
Held in Hackett Hall at the WA Museum, this event was one I had been much anticipating. The venue presents the most intimate feel for the PFF events and being on the doorstep of both Northbridge and the city, ticket holders are able to make a complete night out of it.
I had planned my night with my gorgeous friend Lucy (LR Style Academy), where we collected our PFF essentials and headed to the VIP Peroni bar at the Court Hotel for a pre-show glass of bubbles. The vibe in the room was fantastic and it wasn’t before long that this fashionable crowd moved over to Fashion Paramount for the start of Designer Capsule 1.
 Lucy & I pre- PFF

So after finding our fabulous seats (behind Mel B -former Spice Girl) and opposite glamour girl, Bree Maddox we held tight for what was an amazing night of fashion.

The Butcher and the Crow were the first to step onto the catwalk and what a way to start!! Their SS12/13 collection has been inspired by the book ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ and is coloured with the pallet of the landscape. The garments were soft and draping which really gave a feel for the warmer months (despite the wintry weather outside!).

Next off the rank, Lisa Majanovich. What can I say….wow! Simply stylish lines and unique applications of leathers, digital prints and soft block colouring make her collection very individual. Not only did I fall in love with her designs but also the palette was very fresh and feminine. Whites, nudes, oranges and black made pieces from this collection, a great addition to any wardrobe! Lisa Majanovich is one designer to keep an eye on in the future….!
ZSADAR …….one of my favourite WA designers! Shane Newton has a clever mind and put on a hot runway show. Although a little out there with models sporting leather masks, chains and the odd faux octopus head dress…. His garments were edgy, innovative and earthy. Well done ZSADAR for a show worth talking about and a label worth investing in!
Finally, we were graced with the collection of Daniella Caputi. Her SS12/13 collection support a monochromatic palette with bold colour of turmeric and smoke. She has focused on contrasting elements of simple versus detailed and opaque versus sheer and her designs are very suited to the Australian summer.
So with that a wrap, the end of Designer Capsule 1 was upon us. It was a fantastic display of four emerging WA designers and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for each and everyone of them in the future!
The Perth Fashion Festival is such an amazing event, put together by a talented group of people and supported by many. This event was supported by Department of Culture and the Arts and it is fabulous that we have such a tight network in WA to enable our up and coming artists become the next big thing!
 (Image courtesy LR Style Academy)
Well done to PFF, talented WA designers as well as our supporting bodies to make events such as this one such a success!
 Looking forward to the next installments of PFF events included in this weeks calendar! X


18 Sep

I adore women's fashion!

I love tailored suits, dresses, fitted skirts, hoisery, lingerie and most of all I love a great pair of heels! No matter what I'm wearing, when I put on some fabulous stilettos I feel great….. Well to be honest, sometimes slightly uncomfortable, but feminine and fabulous none the less!!

Men, on the other hand have it easy. They put on a pair of jeans, a shirt and some flat shoes and they are dressed and comfortable! But what about men's style? Fashion, fit and style to make men feel amazing!

A man can be defined by his style – and with a few key wardrobe pieces, a hint of aftershave and some confidence and charm, he will, without a doubt feel amazing!

5 tips for Men's style

1. Ensure length of trousers – you don't want your pants to be mid calf when you sit down!

2. Invest in a full length mirror! Do you know what you look like before you leave the house?

3. Tuck your shirt in if the shirt is a style to be tucked!

4. Buy a good belt and shoes – people DO notice a well dressed man!

5. Grooming and aftershave!

We have some amazing stores here in Perth that sell fantastic men's clothing. Store assistants are often trained to give good advice on how garments should fit, so use them!

For the fashionable man who wants a statement peice by a Western Australian designer, head to Zsadar online store;

Shane Newton is the designer of ZSADAR and his 'The Creature in the Mirror' collection will be showcased at the 2012 Perth Fashion Festival

For more about ZSADAR go to the 'Threads to Adore' section of Stylewa at


Shining ZSADAR style

17 Sep

Designer Shane Newton launched Zsadar (pronounced sha-dahr) in 2010. Without formal training in fashion design, Shane's background in graphic arts and communications has helped him launch into the world of fashion.

ZSADAR's designs have been described as 'neither masculine nor feminine' with particular attention given to 'drape, form and tailoring'. The garments are made using Australian woven wool, bamboo, silk, linen and jersey and have been influenced by Japanese design features.

The experimental nature of Zsadar's designs can be seen with asymmetrical lines and exposed seems, giving the pieces a strong artistic edge

ZSADAR's SS 12/13 collection is named 'TheCreature in the Mirror' and will feature in the 2012 Perth Fashion Festival.

I particularly love his latest collection as it is a mix of easy wearing, leisure pieces with garments that are tailored and monochromatic. The modern male is in for a treat with ZSADAR making it's mark in the world of fashion and if your wardrobe doesn't already include ZSADAR – make a point of finding your stylish piece!

For more ZSADAR and to find your amazing piece, go to


Sunday style with Claire Davies STM

13 Sep

It's Sunday morning, I wake around 8am to the sound of birds and the smell of freshly brewed coffee. I then enjoy breakfast in the sunshine with my copy of The Sunday Times where I get my fix of fashion and style in the STM. In my dreams!!

This is how Sunday morning usually plays out at my house….

Mornings usually start at 6am with the wake up call of two very loud (but very beautiful) young boys. There is a mad rush to fill rumbling tummies, followed by the inhalation of a coffee. The day is spent at the beach or park and then home to put tired young bodies to bed. Finally the day is over and I have a dinner date with the couch and my copy of the STM. Here, I get my fix of fashion and catch up with all the latest in the world of style.

Although I feel I have a regular Sunday night appointment with style pages of the STM, I couldn't wait to meet the STM Fashion Editor, Claire Davies. The lady who is responsible for putting together a weekly pin board of style.

Stylewa – Claire, I always love seeing your stylish pages in the STM section of The Sunday Times, how long have you been doing the role of Fashion Editor?
I’ve been Fashion Editor of The Sunday Times for seven years.

Stylewa – I notice most of the fashion & accessories are aimed toward younger readers…. Do you determine a target audience for your style picks each week?
I don’t think about the target audience so much, but I do like to keep the fashion pages looking young and current and directed at those who love fashion.

Stylewa – You definitely have your finger on the pulse of current fashion trends…. Where do find your inspiration?
I have website/blog list of at least 100 favourites – from internationally recognised sites like The Sartorialist, Garance Dore and Bryan Boy, to celebrity based websites like E! Online, Daily Mail, and Us Weekly. I also love Le Fashion, Refinery 29, and the beautiful imagery on STREETFSN. I think keeping across what’s happening around the globe is essential.
I’m also a mag-addict. I can never buy just one magazine – it’s always six at a time!

Stylewa – How would you describe your own style?
My style is pretty simple and uncomplicated. I like wearing jeans, men’s-style shirts and converse sneakers. I have way too many white T-shirts and singlets – I buy them obsessively. Favourite labels include Acne, Bassike and Willow.
I do love to glam up when I get the opportunity, but again, I tend to keep things fairly simple like a great black dress, or a bright silk shirt with beautiful trousers.
I like to spend my money on quality pieces that can last a few years and spend less on ‘trend’ based fashion.

Stylewa – Who would be your favourite WA designers?
We have so much local talent, but some of my favourites include Flannel, One Fell Swoop, Ange Lang and Empire Rose. I’m hoping Shane Newton from Zsadar will come out with a women’s line sometime soon – I’m a huge fan of his designs. I’m really looking forward to the Perth Fashion Festival and seeing these labels on the catwalk.

Stylewa – What's the look for the upcoming Spring Racing Carnival? And Spring/Summer 12/13?
There’s something this season for everyone, but I’m loving the bold floral prints and bright, acid colours. There are also a lot of soft, pretty pastels coming through closer to summer.
Of course, black and white is always safe for race day, but this year, it’s more about white than black – so make it white, with touches of black.

Stylewa – Ok we have $100….. How would you suggest we spend it on style?
First ask yourself what you need – New basics? A fresh new lip colour? Some sandals for summer? You can probably get all three for less than $100 if you shop smart.
I just bought a great lightweight knit and pyjama-style pants from Cotton On for about $50.
If you’re after something special like a tailored jacket, dress or beautiful heels, save your $100 for a few weeks or months, and invest.

Claire Davies, your work is admired each and every week, thank you for your time and for being a inspiration of style!

Stylewa x

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