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All that glitters… is Tarvydas!

19 Dec

Ruth Tarvydas is hot on the lips of the fashion world right now!

Opening her new store in Times Square, Claremont last night, Tarvydas told her fashion loving guests to 'Come'… And they did!

Guests included Yasmin Kassim (Host of Fashion TV), Natasha Leigh (actor), Renae Wauhop & Mark Nickoski as well as one devoted Tarvydas fan and birthday girl, Bree Maddox.
In fact, the new Tarvydas store was wall to wall of special guests who were there to show their support for Tarvydas in this exciting time. Glamorous Tarvydas gowns paraded through the room as both models and guests took the opportunity to put on something with 'wow factor!'

Sipping on Vinaceous champagne and indulging in Koko Black chocolates, the launch party was definitely a lot of fun and a terrific celebration of things to come for the well known designer!

Being the flagship store, Tarvydas in Claremont will be used as a template for their global expansion franchise plan! Already stocked in Harrods, Europe and the Middle East, the fashion world are already in love with Tarvydas and many celebrities have chosen a Tarvydas gown to make their 'Red-Carpet' statement!

The latest collection by Tarvydas exudes charm with embellishment and detail in an array of vibrant colour. I was taken by the garments hanging on the racks, and just fell in love with these pieces that would turn any outfit into something truly stunning!

Many lovely Miss Universe ladies rocked Tarvydas gowns at the launch and it is easy to see why they choose the label for some of their contests and events. These dresses get noticed!!

You need not be a Miss Universe Contestant nor an event on the Red Carpet to visit Claremont and try on one of these hot numbers, but be warned – you will fall in love with yourself in a Tarvydas gown and you WILL want to own one of your own!

It was not only refreshing to see a brand new Tarvydas store in Claremont but it was also lovely to see the complete fit for Times Square – Tarvydas belongs among neighbouring stores of such high calibre!

Avion Way, Claremont is WA fashion at it's finest!! x



Stylish Perth label polishes rock

25 Nov
Image House of Zaccaria

I was excited to recently view the Winter 2013 collection of successful Perth label, House of Zaccaria. Appropriately named, the 'Delicate Darkness' collection is certainly impressive and uses the most beautiful fabrics and colours.

The 'Delicate Darkness' collection features a colour palette that includes 'toxic liver' crimson tones and 'midnight moon' blues…. Adding colour with a level of sophistication. Although under wraps for now, I can say that the collection exhibits the most impeccable workmanship and you will want to start your winter 'Wish list' the moment it is released…. So stay tuned!!

Here is just a peek of what's in store for winter 2013;

Signature pieces always remain true to the design philosophy of House of Zaccaria, which encapsulates the truth in beauty. Garments are a contradiction between masculinity and femininity, soft yet tough and splendous yet simple.

This description sums up the design duo behind the label, Noeleen Radalj-Zaccaria and Tiffany Spencer. The pair each bring their own unique strength to the House of Zaccaria and create garments that have a rock individualism with a romantic, polished edge. The designs are created for every woman with a true love of ageless, opulent, simply beautiful designer pieces.

The House of Zaccaria, is a proud Perth based label. The quality of garments, together with its unique style makes this label one that suits any woman from size 6 – 16.

The current collection, 'Truth in Beauty' Summer 12/13 is one that I instantly loved. Each piece uses the finest fabrics and leathers and yet has a durability for everyday wear. The collection displays a beautiful contrast of colour whilst including staple pieces in blacks and white.

I was lucky enough to view the Summer 12/13 collection whilst at The House of Zaccaria and with their online store, you can purchase your own designer piece at ;

Here are some favourites from the 'Truth in Beauty' collection…

The House of Zaccaria is currently making its mark in Asia and I am confident that it will attract the attention of more than just this part of the globe!

Stay tuned to STYLEWA in 2013 for Winter 13 collection by House of Zaccaria.

Betty Tran Opens Flagship Store

4 Nov

Betty Tran Flagship store Opens with Style

Friday just gone saw the opening of Betty Tran's Flagship store at 300 Murray Street, Raine Square, Perth.

For those of you who haven't yet encountered Betty Tran, here is a snapshot!

* * * *

Her mother, Cherry worked as a tailor for over 30 years whereby she created garments of the highest quality. It was from years of witnessing her mothers hard work ethic together with the production of fine fashion that Betty's love for the industry evolved.

Originally from Saigon, Vietnam Betty moved to Australia 9 years ago where she studied in Sydney before moving to Perth to be with family. Betty commenced studies at Curtin University where she studied Fashion and Textile for 3 years and Graduated in 2007.

In 2008 Betty's designs were chosen into the Mercedes Benz Fashion Awards which launched her design career in 2008.

“Betty Sugar” was Betty's first label and saw “La Foi for Betty Sugar” open it's concept store in the Carillion Arcade, Perth. Garments under this label show a respect for the female figure as well as an understanding of textiles and design. Betty created this label with much love and as evolution has seen, her success has lead to the creation of a label of her own name “Betty Tran”.

2012 has already been such a successful year for Betty who was chosen to feature her garments in New York, alongside Jessica Bratich at the New York Fashion Palette 2012. It was here that the world met Betty Tran!

Betty's knowledge of fashion design as well as the sophistication of her new label has meant that the Grand Opening of Betty Tran's new Flagship store has been much anticipated among the fashion following public….

* * * *

And so Friday, 2 November 2012, Betty Tran's Store at 300 Murray Street Perth was officially opened.

Lisa Scaffidi, The Lord Mayor gave the official opening speech and what a heartfelt one it was! She spoke of Betty's journey and it was lovely to hear a story so humbling.

LM Lisa Scaffidi opens Betty Tran store

You would think that Betty Tran has opened a fashion store a thousand times over as the night was a smashing success. With bubbles flowing, gorgeous garments as far as the eye could see, a DJ, canapés and Betty's name lighting up the shop front, it was a recipe for success.

The highlight of the evening was the gorgeous parade of Betty's collection. I'm in love and adoration of so many garments.

With femininity, class and sophistication, Betty's garments would suit so many occasions and it is without a doubt that I could happily wear her entire collection.

I can't wait to head back to Betty's new store in Raine square and I recommend the label to every woman in need of that special piece!

Models glamourous in Betty Tran gowns
Perfect combinations of colour with style
DJ mixes for Guests
Sophisticated and chic white
Stunning pieces on parade
Betty Tran with models
Perfect gift! Betty Tran gift vouchers!
Betty Tran fashions on the street -stand out from the crowd!
One of my favourites from the collection!
Stylewa x


Shining ZSADAR style

17 Sep

Designer Shane Newton launched Zsadar (pronounced sha-dahr) in 2010. Without formal training in fashion design, Shane's background in graphic arts and communications has helped him launch into the world of fashion.

ZSADAR's designs have been described as 'neither masculine nor feminine' with particular attention given to 'drape, form and tailoring'. The garments are made using Australian woven wool, bamboo, silk, linen and jersey and have been influenced by Japanese design features.

The experimental nature of Zsadar's designs can be seen with asymmetrical lines and exposed seems, giving the pieces a strong artistic edge

ZSADAR's SS 12/13 collection is named 'TheCreature in the Mirror' and will feature in the 2012 Perth Fashion Festival.

I particularly love his latest collection as it is a mix of easy wearing, leisure pieces with garments that are tailored and monochromatic. The modern male is in for a treat with ZSADAR making it's mark in the world of fashion and if your wardrobe doesn't already include ZSADAR – make a point of finding your stylish piece!

For more ZSADAR and to find your amazing piece, go to


Ae’lkemi – “Let there be light!”

11 Sep


Ae'lkemi's designer Alvin Fernandez is one man I am in complete admiration of. His work is always truly an artform that has been put together with total respect for a woman's figure. His designs are simply stunning and his collections have made it to the catwalks of New York, Milan, Berlin and of course, Australia.

With Ae'lkemi set to impress at the upcoming Perth Fashion Festival in their showcase event, 'Lumiere', Stylewa has been lucky enough to steal some time with Alvin Fernandez to find find out more about the stunning label.

Stylewa- What Motivated you to start your own label here in WA and where did the name Ae'kemi come from?

Ae'lkemi has been established for 10 years. Initially the business was operated from home before moving into our Claremont boutique, 5 years ago?

The name came about after watching a music show on the SBS. The show featured a band by the name of 'alchemy' (of that spelling) and after looking it's meaning up in the dictionary, it was fitting for my label with the definition being 'a medieval chemistry- to turn a raw material into something beautiful.' So it was very fitting for my label, although Ae'lkemi is the phonetic way of spelling the word.

Stylewa- What inspired the SS12/13 collection?

The silhouette has been my inspiration for this collection with long and lean lines. I focused on volume placement and layering with the addition of embellishment. I have focused on beaded work and colours incorporating bright tangerines, navy and anything that sparkles -golds and metallics!

Stylewa- What can people expect to see from Ae'lkemi at this years PFF?

For the second year in a row we have worked with the talented David Brittian to put together our parade. We aim to 'present' the collection to our audience and will have some of our couture peices on show. The feel of the evening will be somewhat like an epic movie. One on the darker side that has a moody, gothic yet romantic feel.

Stylewa- Tell us how the theme of Lumiere was decided?

With a focus on “let there be light!”, the theme Lumiere seemed to fit the collection whereby the peices show a 'lightness in the dark'. There is a juxtaposition in the texture of the pieces and so the name Lumiere became the name of our event.

Stylewa- What do you love about the Perth Fashion Festival?

Being able to share our collection with fans and supporters of Ae'lkemi! It's great to be able to show our work to our peers and others in the industry.

Stylewa- Who are you style inspirations?

Balenciaga, Christian Dior, anything from the 1950's with a classic, romantic feel. I am inspired by classic shapes with a contemporary, modern twist.

Stylewa- Which celebrities do you feel honoured to have designed for?

I don't look at my clients as celebrities as such, rather I feel happy to dress anyone that walks through my door….

Alvin Fernandez, your work is exceptional and I think Ae'lkemi is inspirational. Thank you for sharing your world with Stylewa and we can't wait to witness the sparkle that is…..Lumiere!

(for event info, head to


The face behind the Flannel empire – Kristy Lawrence

26 Jul

I love the label Flannel. Walking into a Flannel store makes you feel like you have just found a gorgeous boutique somewhere on the outskirts of Paris.
The shop front itself is a feast for the stylish eye and the creative mind and its the place where award-winning designer, Kristy Lawrence has successfully translated her lifestyle into a signature range of fashion and home wares.

With an upcoming trip to the US as well as Flannel’s involvement with this weeks’ STYLEAID parade, Kristy Lawrence is busy to say the least!
With that said, Kristy has been lovely enough to take time out to chat about all things Flannel and the insight has made me love it even more!
stylewa:  When Flannel opened its first store here in WA, did u ever expect the label would grow as rapidly as it has? 

K.L:  Flannel started as a partnership with my sister Brooke. It came about from my love of creating and both of us wanting to earn some extra funds for us to indulge in our love of travel together with our children. After successfully selling to independent stores we went on to open our first store in Cottesloe. It was more as a love of the Flannel product and wanting to showcase it in its entirety with our homewares etc. We were so excited by the immediate reaction from clients both wholesale and retail and the continuous growth we are still discovering now 5 years later! What started as a hobby has grown to a very exciting, successful and fast growing business.

stylewa:  Your style is so effortlessly chic- what are your inspirations when designing garments? 

K.L:  For me its about being simply chic with a little attitude and most importantly comfortable! I design for what I would like to wear and get much of my inspiration from women in the street, it could be their attitude, a particular colour, fabrication or design detail. I love to travel and people watch!

Our philosophy really suits how I feel..

Live, Work and Play!
“Paris meets New York for the Australian lifestyle. Flannel’s collections create a relaxed, luxurious, playful feeling, chalky hues, with a fresh hint of colour, understated, graceful style with an edge of a rock-bohemian chic, for customers who appreciate the finer things in life. Unique and simple, Flannel is a consumate label full of covetable everyday pieces.”

stylewa:  The name Flannel……how did it come about? 

K.L:  Over a red wine with friends! We love how the brand is a contradiction to what people immediately think of the name but at the same time it still suits. Conjuring thoughts of comfort, home etc. It becomes a topic of conversation.

stylewa:  You already have stores in Perth, Sydney and feature at David Jones, what’s in store for the future at Flannel? 

K.L:  A very much anticipated store in Melbourne adding to our 4 stores in Perth. (Cottesloe, South Perth, Garden City and Subiaco) and our Mosman store in Sydney. Very exciting things to come in the US. Keep you posted!!

Kristy Lawrence you are one very talented designer!
Thankyou for your time and we look forward to watching for Flannels next exciting edition.

You can follow Flannel and Kristy’s latest at;

love zaccaria winter 2012 – get it at 40% off!

23 Jul

As winter is finally setting in…….. embrace it with your finest winter style!

The House of Zaccaria put up some gorgeous peices in their Winter 2012 collection and they are on sale now for 40% off.

You can grab your gorgeous winter bargain at

absolute stylish steal;  definition – this ‘feeling sideways jacket’ by house of zaccaria – $329.00 $197.41

Feeling Sideways Jacket

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