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Sophia’s got WA style in the BOX!

2 Oct

For those of you who don't know about Box – Let me share it with you…

Box magazine is a lifestyle publication that makes any coffee table, ever so chic!

Featuring exclusive lifestyle and travel, high-end fashion, art, food and wine, this magazine ticks all the boxes when it comes to style!

But it's what's inside Box that makes it so unique. Inside Box you'll find a whole lot of heart! With 100% of all subscription sales being directly donated to children's charities, this magazine warms the hearts of those who need it most!

The talented lady behind the Box is Sophia Barbagallo. Sophia is the General Manager of Box magazine and there is more to this GM than a just a pretty face! She is passionate about her work, gives her time generously and loves to have fun!

Stylewa spent some time finding out more about Sophia's world of Box!

* * * * * *

Stylewa – Sophia, you are the General Manager of Box magazine, how long have you been doing this role and what do you love about your job? I am the GM of ToyBox International. I LOVE this role and have been in it now for just over six years. It is so rewarding to be able to deliver grants to help local, sick and disadvantaged kids – quite addictive in fact! This role allows me to do this warm fuzzy stuff – as well as keep a foot in the fashion world, being so closely linked with Box Magazine. Our offices are all under one roof together and we are a small team that really help each other however we can with what is on the go.

Stylewa- Box Magazine carries the phrase; “Box Magazine. It's about Luxury, it's about pleasure, it's about enjoying yourself”……….. What do you believe sets Box magazine apart from other lifestyle magazines?

I believe the main aspect that sets Box Magazine apart from other publications full stop is that it donates 100% of the profits from every subscription sale to help kids in need. It is also one of the few that is truly uni-sex and has an incredibly targeted audience through it’s corporate gifting distribution strategy.

Stylewa – I personally love the level of luxury that this magazine has…… It allows readers to escape from everyday and sets the benchmark for style in WA. Describe how you would spend a day 'in style' in WA if you had an endless budget….?

Fun! I would definitely order up some of that amazing WA sunshine and hit up Rottnest with my closest friends on a Sunseeker motor yacht. Love Summer and being out on the water.

Stylewa – Box Magazine raises funds for ToyBox International, a charitable trust that raises funds for special needs children around Australia.
100% of magazine subscription sales go to filling specific grants for children in need and 3 of these grants are featured in each edition. How did the union between Box magazine and ToyBox International come about?

Box Magazine was originally started by Troy as a newsletter for Variety. He came up with the concept to create a ‘sexier’ newsletter, that people who would not normally pick up a charity newsletter would pick it up, enjoy it’s contents and at the same time see the three pages of Variety updates, hopefully encouraging them to give back in their local community.
ToyBox was started soon after as an umbrella charity, to allow grants to be filled with any reputable, Australian children’s charity. This came about when we looked to raise more funds from Australia’s corporate world and they had already chosen a children’s charity to support for that year. ToyBox doesn’t discriminate – as long as we are assisting kids in need – that is what is important. ToyBox works with numerous charities nationally including Variety still, identifying specific grants they need filled for kids and then filling those grants.
We still today profile three grants every issue, that have been filled thanks to subscription sales.

Stylewa – Has working with ToyBox International affected your outlook on life?

Probably. You think growing up that you know about how hard some families have it, but when you come face to face with them it definitely puts everything into perspective.

Stylewa – Apart from subscribing to Box magazine, how can people contribute to this very worthy charity? (ie are there upcoming events people can attend to raise funds?)

ToyBox runs a number of fundraising events through the year alongside Pink Tank Events. This includes the Royal Queensbury Corporate Championship boxing event each May and our upcoming event Sounds Like Summer on the Matilda Bay foreshore this October. All the WA Miss Universe contestants also get the opportunity to do hands on work with ToyBox kids and fundraise for grants each year.
Donations can also be made directly at

Stylewa – You are not only the GM for Box magazine but you are also involved with ToyBox International, Miss Universe Contests in WA and have an athletic background (with boxing and ballet some of your past times). With all of this under your belt, what would you say you are most proud of?
One of the things I love most is working with the Miss Universe contestants. They start so shy and by the end of the program have the most amazing confidence and a real desire to get out there and achieve their dreams. They are living better lives, staying fit and healthy and have a clear plan to set themselves up to achieve more in life. Seeing them change through doing the charity work too is amazing, can see everything falling into perspective for them. Those first years out of high school are really hard, this helps them to gain direction and passion. Seeing this change is definitely a highlight for me.

Stylewa – How would you describe your style?

Simple and feminine.

Stylewa – What is in store for Sophia Barbagallo and Box Magazine in the future?

We are in the middle of a big expansion with the magazine called Vault521, which engages just 521 corporate Australian businesses in an exciting corporate gifting and communication program. Fully subscribed it will raise $2million per annum for ToyBox kids. So keeping ourselves very busy with this at the moment. Exciting times.

Sophia, thank you for your time with Stylewa… We look forward to seeing your style with each edition of Box Magazine in the future!!



Sunday style with Claire Davies STM

13 Sep

It's Sunday morning, I wake around 8am to the sound of birds and the smell of freshly brewed coffee. I then enjoy breakfast in the sunshine with my copy of The Sunday Times where I get my fix of fashion and style in the STM. In my dreams!!

This is how Sunday morning usually plays out at my house….

Mornings usually start at 6am with the wake up call of two very loud (but very beautiful) young boys. There is a mad rush to fill rumbling tummies, followed by the inhalation of a coffee. The day is spent at the beach or park and then home to put tired young bodies to bed. Finally the day is over and I have a dinner date with the couch and my copy of the STM. Here, I get my fix of fashion and catch up with all the latest in the world of style.

Although I feel I have a regular Sunday night appointment with style pages of the STM, I couldn't wait to meet the STM Fashion Editor, Claire Davies. The lady who is responsible for putting together a weekly pin board of style.

Stylewa – Claire, I always love seeing your stylish pages in the STM section of The Sunday Times, how long have you been doing the role of Fashion Editor?
I’ve been Fashion Editor of The Sunday Times for seven years.

Stylewa – I notice most of the fashion & accessories are aimed toward younger readers…. Do you determine a target audience for your style picks each week?
I don’t think about the target audience so much, but I do like to keep the fashion pages looking young and current and directed at those who love fashion.

Stylewa – You definitely have your finger on the pulse of current fashion trends…. Where do find your inspiration?
I have website/blog list of at least 100 favourites – from internationally recognised sites like The Sartorialist, Garance Dore and Bryan Boy, to celebrity based websites like E! Online, Daily Mail, and Us Weekly. I also love Le Fashion, Refinery 29, and the beautiful imagery on STREETFSN. I think keeping across what’s happening around the globe is essential.
I’m also a mag-addict. I can never buy just one magazine – it’s always six at a time!

Stylewa – How would you describe your own style?
My style is pretty simple and uncomplicated. I like wearing jeans, men’s-style shirts and converse sneakers. I have way too many white T-shirts and singlets – I buy them obsessively. Favourite labels include Acne, Bassike and Willow.
I do love to glam up when I get the opportunity, but again, I tend to keep things fairly simple like a great black dress, or a bright silk shirt with beautiful trousers.
I like to spend my money on quality pieces that can last a few years and spend less on ‘trend’ based fashion.

Stylewa – Who would be your favourite WA designers?
We have so much local talent, but some of my favourites include Flannel, One Fell Swoop, Ange Lang and Empire Rose. I’m hoping Shane Newton from Zsadar will come out with a women’s line sometime soon – I’m a huge fan of his designs. I’m really looking forward to the Perth Fashion Festival and seeing these labels on the catwalk.

Stylewa – What's the look for the upcoming Spring Racing Carnival? And Spring/Summer 12/13?
There’s something this season for everyone, but I’m loving the bold floral prints and bright, acid colours. There are also a lot of soft, pretty pastels coming through closer to summer.
Of course, black and white is always safe for race day, but this year, it’s more about white than black – so make it white, with touches of black.

Stylewa – Ok we have $100….. How would you suggest we spend it on style?
First ask yourself what you need – New basics? A fresh new lip colour? Some sandals for summer? You can probably get all three for less than $100 if you shop smart.
I just bought a great lightweight knit and pyjama-style pants from Cotton On for about $50.
If you’re after something special like a tailored jacket, dress or beautiful heels, save your $100 for a few weeks or months, and invest.

Claire Davies, your work is admired each and every week, thank you for your time and for being a inspiration of style!

Stylewa x

Ae’lkemi – “Let there be light!”

11 Sep


Ae'lkemi's designer Alvin Fernandez is one man I am in complete admiration of. His work is always truly an artform that has been put together with total respect for a woman's figure. His designs are simply stunning and his collections have made it to the catwalks of New York, Milan, Berlin and of course, Australia.

With Ae'lkemi set to impress at the upcoming Perth Fashion Festival in their showcase event, 'Lumiere', Stylewa has been lucky enough to steal some time with Alvin Fernandez to find find out more about the stunning label.

Stylewa- What Motivated you to start your own label here in WA and where did the name Ae'kemi come from?

Ae'lkemi has been established for 10 years. Initially the business was operated from home before moving into our Claremont boutique, 5 years ago?

The name came about after watching a music show on the SBS. The show featured a band by the name of 'alchemy' (of that spelling) and after looking it's meaning up in the dictionary, it was fitting for my label with the definition being 'a medieval chemistry- to turn a raw material into something beautiful.' So it was very fitting for my label, although Ae'lkemi is the phonetic way of spelling the word.

Stylewa- What inspired the SS12/13 collection?

The silhouette has been my inspiration for this collection with long and lean lines. I focused on volume placement and layering with the addition of embellishment. I have focused on beaded work and colours incorporating bright tangerines, navy and anything that sparkles -golds and metallics!

Stylewa- What can people expect to see from Ae'lkemi at this years PFF?

For the second year in a row we have worked with the talented David Brittian to put together our parade. We aim to 'present' the collection to our audience and will have some of our couture peices on show. The feel of the evening will be somewhat like an epic movie. One on the darker side that has a moody, gothic yet romantic feel.

Stylewa- Tell us how the theme of Lumiere was decided?

With a focus on “let there be light!”, the theme Lumiere seemed to fit the collection whereby the peices show a 'lightness in the dark'. There is a juxtaposition in the texture of the pieces and so the name Lumiere became the name of our event.

Stylewa- What do you love about the Perth Fashion Festival?

Being able to share our collection with fans and supporters of Ae'lkemi! It's great to be able to show our work to our peers and others in the industry.

Stylewa- Who are you style inspirations?

Balenciaga, Christian Dior, anything from the 1950's with a classic, romantic feel. I am inspired by classic shapes with a contemporary, modern twist.

Stylewa- Which celebrities do you feel honoured to have designed for?

I don't look at my clients as celebrities as such, rather I feel happy to dress anyone that walks through my door….

Alvin Fernandez, your work is exceptional and I think Ae'lkemi is inspirational. Thank you for sharing your world with Stylewa and we can't wait to witness the sparkle that is…..Lumiere!

(for event info, head to


Influencing face of style AUS to NYC – Jessica Bratich

26 Aug

The gorgeous face behind her fast growing collection of luxurious leather goods is Jessica Bratich.

Over the years, her successes have unfolded in the public eye and she has accomplished a lot in a relatively small time frame.
Jessica Bratich has launched a handbag collection that has sparked a lot of attention both at home and internationally. Her designs are modern and stylish and it’s obvious why they are proving to be such a sensation!

So with recent involvement in the PFW and Broome Cup 2012 and the upcoming Perth Fashion Festival in September, it would be an understatement to say Jessica Bratich’s is one busy woman!

Despite her hectic work schedule and exciting personal ventures, Jessica has taken the time to be a part of Stylewa’s ‘Influencing Faces of Style’ and we are lucky enough to find out more about this inspiring individual……….

Stylewa; Jessica, after achieving a Bachelor in Communications and a minor in marketing you went onto complete a cert IV in fashion at Central Tafe – what inspired you to create your own leather goods collection?

JB: I have always liked to be creative and worked in fashion retail and wholesale for many years and I was at a point where I retired from karate and I was looking for a new challenge. I felt like I struggled to find handbags I liked thought that is something I could do. It has certainly provided challenges along the way but I always love to be learning and I am very goal orientated and this seemed like something I could do on my own and from home working my own schedule (which seems to be getting more and more hectic haha)

Stylewa; There are many handbag designers using cheap materials but still want to pin the big price tags – why was it important to you to use quality leather in your range?

JB: Quality is important to me as I want to keep my customer happy and I work with my manufacturers as I go always trying to improve the quality. Cost of production of leather goods is a lot higher than I thought it would be but that’s more so because I don’t mass produce. It’s a very exclusive range and there are limited numbers of each style.

Stylewa; What has been your style inspiration for your SS 12/13 collection?

JB: I was inspired by different elements such as zippers, buckles and studs along with diagonal lines. I also knew I wanted bright colours and to create pieces that will pop! Nothing better than a bright summer piece to make your outfit!

Stylewa; How would you define your own style?

JB: My style is very mixed I like very edgy pieces like those from label Zhivago, clean, chic, power pieces from labels like Betty Tran and beautiful elegant pieces from Ae’lkemi. I don’t like to say I have a certain style I like to mix it up and I love to support WA designers. I have had to alter my style a bit at the moment being pregnant and am loving Asos online for maternity wear you don’t want to spend a fortune while your pregnant as the clothes don’t seem to last very long and Asos is so affordable.

Stylewa; In September you are making your mark at the Fashion Palette in New York – are you pinching yourself that your range is about to be exposed globally to fashionista’s, retailers, celebs and media? 

JB: Yes I still can’t believe it. It’s all happened so quickly! It’s very surreal. From only launching my 2nd collection at Perth Fashion Week to having my pieces on a New York runway is major! A little scary at the same time but I think sometime you just have to roll with the punches and take a chance. Everything happens for a reason!

Stylewa; How did the opportunity to attend the Fashion Palette in New York come about?

JB: I was actually overseas and I had got a few calls from a number I didn’t know so I sent a text asking who it was. It was Betty Tran so I gave her a call. She told me that she had been selected for the Fashion Palette and asked me if I was interested in collaborating with her. I remembered Betty’s collection from Perth Fashion Week and it was one of the stand outs to me. I had about a day or two to decide and I remember getting off the phone in shock. I discussed it with the hubby and he agreed it would be such an amazing opportunity and that I had to do it.

Stylewa; Where will we find Jessica Bratich in 5 years time?

JB: In 5 years time I would like to see JB being stocked in boutiques around Australia and also overseas. I would to see my bags on the arms of celebrities and JB to be well known brand that people love. At the moment I am happy to take things as they come and make the most of opportunities that come my way and most importantly enjoy the ride!

I just know that in 5 years time we’ll be seeing Jessica Bratich’s stylish leather goods on the arms of beautiful people everywhere!
Jessica Bratich, thank you for your time with Stylewa…… We look forward to watching your exciting journey!

Stylewa x

(to find your gorgeous Jessica Bratich piece head to;

Justin Linney – Assistant Creative Director of Linneys

14 Aug

So if you’ve been online to veiw the collection, or if you’ve been into one of the Linneys stores I just know you are going to ‘Fall in Love at Linneys’ as I do time and time again!
Linneys uses the most lustrous pearls, magnificent diamonds and Western Australian gold and with innovative, creative designers who have years of industry experience it is no wonder each peice is exquisite!!

One of the faces behind the beautiful peices is Justin Linney whose role in the company is the Assistant Creative Director (style must run in the Linney family!). Justin is successful in his field, creative and passionate about the company and we have been fortunate at Stylewa to spend time learning more about Justin and the world of Linneys.

Stylewa:  Congratulations on the creation of Linneys 40th anniversary collection!
There are some bold, unique pieces in this latest collection – how was it decided that music be the inspiration?

The fantastic thing about celebrating our 40 years in business is that we’ve had the privilege of being able to influence fashion and design over 4 decades. In the 40th anniversary collection the jeweller tells the story of different musical genres from classical to rock. Using Music was a natural progression to build on the success of the previous two collections that were inspired by visual arts and dance. Like your favourite song, a piece of jewellery can capture a special moment in time. With these links between jewellery and music there was plenty of inspiration and it was an exciting creative process to be involved in with our design team and jewellers.

Stylewa: Linneys award-winning jewellery collection features West Australian gold, world-class diamonds and highly regarded Broome South Sea pearls. What do you believe makes Linneys so unique among other Western Australian jewellery designers?

Linneys is known for creating exquisite jewellery art that captures the spirit of romance and beauty. Our pieces are timeless and often become family heirlooms that get handed down from generation to generation. In terms of being unique it is really how we transform the precious West Australian materials into innovative an d distinctive designs that has received international recognition. Linneys was the first Australian jeweller to sell Broome pearls some 30 years ago, and since setting this benchmark we have become well known for also using West Australian gold and rare Argyle Pink Diamonds.

Cartier has the iconic ‘Love Band’ and Tiffany & Co the ‘padlock’………what would you say is Linneys signature piece?

Linneys has a distinctive style that underpins all of the jewellery that we create. Linneys clients love the diversity of jewellery that is available and that our pieces aren’t restricted to only pearls or diamonds. Also, having a team of designers enables clients to sit down and create bespoke one-off pieces that suit their individual style. My father Alan is known for his free-form and organic expressive designs which are often reflective of and inspired by natural elements such as the ocean and the Kimberly landscape so I would say that this has become the signature Linneys style.

How did Linneys celebrate its 40th anniversary?

We celebrated 40 years of business with the launch of our 40th anniversary collection. The celebration will continue for the rest of the year including an exclusive Spring Flowers event in September in which my Father Alan has design and handcrafted a limited edition range of  jewellery that is being interpreted into floral installations by seven of Perth’s leading florists.  The 40th anniversary collection is beautifully showcased by our ambassadors, Jessica Marais and Jason Dundas, who were photographed for the catalogue in Miami. It has been said that life begins at 40 – the Linney’s team are proud to be a family owned and run business and we are excited about continued growth and creating unique jewellery for our clients to wear and enjoy for years to come.

Stylewa: Justin thankyou for your time with Stylewa and we look forward to watching as the Linneys empire continues to grow and the each collection continues to impress us all!
Thankyou for bringing the world of style, creative, beautiful, innovative and classic pieces to add to their ‘wish lists’!!

Stylewa x

a few of my favourites at Stylewa………

The stylish eyes of Scoop magazine – Clare Ryan

8 Aug

I love looking at magazines purely for the images! Images that we visit only for a moment but they can generate a mix of emotions to the reader – beautiful images, images that exude style or make you want to experience that very time and place of the shot.

One talented lady is responsible for the style elixir that is poured into our lives through Scoop magazine – Clare Ryan.
Not only do envy her position as the Style Editor of Scoop magazine (who wouldn’t want this high pressure but glamorous position!!), but I also admire the stylish work she produces with each edition. Clare does a fantastic job at knowing her audience and making them want whatever it is that features in the magazine! Although Clare does work with some very stylish designers, creators and photographers – she has a stylish eye and knows how to use it!

Clare is professional and gorgeous and although she has deadlines to meet – she was fabulous enough to share a quick chat with StyleWA!

1.  How have your previous positions assisted you in landing the role as Style Editor for Scoop Publishing?
I’ve been at the company for nearly seven years and worked my way up to this position. It was a fantastic learning curve for me to learn all the different aspects of publishing and how every department works together to create the magazine. I actually started in sales support and I just kept working hard, saying yes to everything and proving myself and eventually the right doors opened.
2.  How would you define your own personal style and is it reflected your work with Scoop magazines?
This is such a hard question! I wouldn’t say I have a defined style as such as I love all different aspects. I wear what I feel comfortable in (it also depends what mood I’m in) and sometimes that can be very minimal and understated or bright and a little over the top.  I’m sure my style does come across to a degree in the magazine, so its good that I’m open to all different styles.  The magazine has  very stylish readers that need to be able to relate to our style pages. Our Style File section features the latest collections in local stores, while the Style News section looks at the latest openings, trends and more – I think this gives our readers a large variety of styles to choose from.
3.  Who are your favourite Western Australian fashion designers?
There are so many talented Western Australian designers that I could just list them all off! Aurelio Costarella, Flannel, One Fell Swoop, Ae’lkemi, Morrison, Zhivago, Garth Cook and the list just keeps going.
4.  What is in store for the celebrations of Scoop magazines 60th edition?
Our 60th edition celebrates WA in all aspects of food, events, music, fashion, community and more. We take a look at STYLEAID and it’s 15th birthday, local designer Garth Cook, and feature some of the State’s top designers in our fashion shoot.
Clare Ryan, thankyou for your time with StyleWA!



Meet Ms B Black!

31 Jul

I walked into Bridget Black’s North Perth skin care boutique on a cold winters day and was pleasantly surprised by the twinkling of burning candles that filled the store with a gorgeous sweet aroma. Instantly I felt warm and cosy and felt as if I’d walked into a friends place or a boutique hotel.

“Bridget Black” I noticed was tastefully labelled across the products dotted around the room. ‘Ahhh yes, I have met Miss Black before……….that smell reminded me that I had a candle encounter in the past’. So I really was walking into a friends place!

So if you haven’t taken the time to visit Bridget Black’s store – do so……………and in the meantime, let me introduce you to this amazing lady and her beautiful products!

stylewa: Bridget Black you are a qualified chemist, mother and entrepreneur -what is it you are most proud of?
BB: The way i have been able to balance my business with my family and make choices that benefit my children but also my business and wellbeing. Im also proud of creating a job and a business that I love and believe in.

stylewa: bridget black is a unique company that has been developed in Western Australia, its philosophy is clean and branding is  effortlessly stylish. What makes bridget black products comparable on an international level?
BB: its no secret that the cosmetics market is saturated. When bridget black was developed, my aim was to create a brand that represented a lifestyle – from chic packaging to a sustainable lifestyle to an affordable facial. It’s not just a product that is lost on the department store shelves – its a special (and personal experience) 
that is accessible and affordable.

stylewa: Bridget Black you are a qualified chemist, mother and entrepreneur  -what is it you are most proud of?
BB: The way i have been able to balance my business with my family and make choices that benefit my children but also my business and  wellbeing. Im also proud of creating a job and a business that I love and believe in.
stylewa: What would be a signature product unique to bridget black ?
BB: Our buffing beads remains our best selling product and our “cult”product. They transform any cleanser into an exfoliant and we love them!


Hot on their tail is our new organic muslin cloths. The fabric is spun in New Zealand (as well as our organic baby wear) and the benefits of 
cleansing with muslin are amazing.



stylewa: bridget black adopts a recycling programme whereby they give  credit to customers for returned packaging which goes toward their  next purchase – where did you get this idea from and why is it  important to you?
BB: The thing I love most about bridget black is the community that we  have created. Having packaging that is returnable allows us to control the discarded packaging and allows us to touch base with our clients.

stylewa: What’s in the pipeline for bridget blacktm  in the future?
BB: We have some exciting prospects at the moment – from a new store in Melbourne to the shopping channel in New Zealand. we have a range of  teas due for launch also. Exciting times!

stylewa: Bridget Black – thankyou for your time with stylewa……..we look forward to watching bridget black grow as one of WA’s most stylish icons. x

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