Colour your world with a visit to Linneys

1 Sep

The first day of Spring saw Linneys ablaze with colour as it unveiled its latest botanical-inspired collection.
The exhibition was opened in style and guests where treated to a morning full of colourful blooms and exquisite jewellery pieces to admire.

Alan Linney, who has a love for gardening and seasonal blooms, has designed a collection of seven custom jewellery pieces which were used as inspiration for the floral creations.
Some of WA’s leading florists were assigned to each of the seven pieces and their floral interpretations were truly stunning!!

A few of my favourite florists contributed to the exhibition, Devine Flowers, Funky Bunches and Flowers in Bloom and…… (actually they are all amazing!!) and guests attending the exhibition were asked to vote to determine the ‘People’s Choice’ in floral design. Deciding my favourite was difficult and the final votes are tallied toward the end of the exhibition.

The exhibition is open to the public from September 3-8 at 37 Rockeby Road, Subiaco and is a must see for all of you that love flowers and fine jewellery!!!!

So on the first day of Spring, I was in heaven with the morning spent in Linneys and surrounded by blooms as far as the eye could see………….what more could a girl ask for!!
(ok chocolates and champagne usually get a mention but who needs them when you have Linneys jewellery and flowers!)

To experience the full beauty of these images, plan your visit to Linneys for this amazing exhibit.


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