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Rubies and diamonds at Rosendorff

10 Feb

Today marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year – The Year of the Snake.

Whilst I am not a fan of slithering reptiles, I will happily join in a celebration of cultural festivities and am intrigued by the Chinese traditions and significant symbols.

A friend with knowledge of Chinese culture, shared with me the significance Feng Shui and how the colour Red represents the fire element which is believed to attract richness and luxury. The colour red also is good for passion, prosperity and love.

When I think of the colour red, I think of rubies and when I think of richness and luxury, I think of diamonds (what female doesn't!!!).

So when Rosendorff the jeweller bought out a limited edition pendant especially for the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Snake, I could see why it was designed using a combination of rubies and diamonds!

Rosendorff has been in WA since 1963 when founder and owner Craig Rosendorff began his career.

The piece was designed by the Rosendorff design and production manager, Jens Kirsch who has re-joined the Rosendorff team recently after working for 10 years in some of Germany and the United Kingdom's most prestigious jewellery houses.

Mr Kirsch shared with STYLEWA what his motivation behind producing a piece in celebration of the Chinese New Year was…..

The ancient Chinese culture has many hidden shapes, colour combinations and inspiring elements, which is a fascinating area to explore. Particularly with the Snake Pendant, we wanted to showcase our highly skilled Rosendorff workshop together with an exciting, yet unique piece.What a magnificent combination!”

The Year if the Snake Pendant is on display at the Rosendorff Perth CBD showroom and boutiques in Claremont Quarter and Garden City.

With Valentines day also coming up this Thursday… I think it will be a popular piece to mark two occasions in 2013!

(Happy New Year and welcome Valentines Day 2013! x)



The stylish eyes of Scoop magazine – Clare Ryan

8 Aug

I love looking at magazines purely for the images! Images that we visit only for a moment but they can generate a mix of emotions to the reader – beautiful images, images that exude style or make you want to experience that very time and place of the shot.

One talented lady is responsible for the style elixir that is poured into our lives through Scoop magazine – Clare Ryan.
Not only do envy her position as the Style Editor of Scoop magazine (who wouldn’t want this high pressure but glamorous position!!), but I also admire the stylish work she produces with each edition. Clare does a fantastic job at knowing her audience and making them want whatever it is that features in the magazine! Although Clare does work with some very stylish designers, creators and photographers – she has a stylish eye and knows how to use it!

Clare is professional and gorgeous and although she has deadlines to meet – she was fabulous enough to share a quick chat with StyleWA!

1.  How have your previous positions assisted you in landing the role as Style Editor for Scoop Publishing?
I’ve been at the company for nearly seven years and worked my way up to this position. It was a fantastic learning curve for me to learn all the different aspects of publishing and how every department works together to create the magazine. I actually started in sales support and I just kept working hard, saying yes to everything and proving myself and eventually the right doors opened.
2.  How would you define your own personal style and is it reflected your work with Scoop magazines?
This is such a hard question! I wouldn’t say I have a defined style as such as I love all different aspects. I wear what I feel comfortable in (it also depends what mood I’m in) and sometimes that can be very minimal and understated or bright and a little over the top.  I’m sure my style does come across to a degree in the magazine, so its good that I’m open to all different styles.  The magazine has  very stylish readers that need to be able to relate to our style pages. Our Style File section features the latest collections in local stores, while the Style News section looks at the latest openings, trends and more – I think this gives our readers a large variety of styles to choose from.
3.  Who are your favourite Western Australian fashion designers?
There are so many talented Western Australian designers that I could just list them all off! Aurelio Costarella, Flannel, One Fell Swoop, Ae’lkemi, Morrison, Zhivago, Garth Cook and the list just keeps going.
4.  What is in store for the celebrations of Scoop magazines 60th edition?
Our 60th edition celebrates WA in all aspects of food, events, music, fashion, community and more. We take a look at STYLEAID and it’s 15th birthday, local designer Garth Cook, and feature some of the State’s top designers in our fashion shoot.
Clare Ryan, thankyou for your time with StyleWA!



Scoop – saturated with WA style

10 Jul

Edition 60 -2012

15 years of scoop, 8 titles, 139 editions, 32860 pages, 2878 million copies………………..100% stylish……….always!!

I’m in love with Scoop magazine because;
1. I can happily lose an hour browsing through each and every page (yes- even the advertisments are worth drooling over!)
2. It incorporates lifestyle, food and fashion in one beautifully presented publication
3. It is relevant to WA so I can feel, taste, wear and experience all of the amazing finds inside the cover
4. I am proud to leave it on my coffee table as it always has an artistic cover that makes me and my guests want to pick it up and read
5. Whenever I walk into a Western Australian hotel or resort I am quite often greeted by a ‘in-room’ copy of Scoop and that makes me feel at home……………….. and it means my husband can watch whatever he wants on foxtel as I’ll have my head in Scoop (so romantic- but it’s win-win!).

Scoop’s style editor does a fantastic job at making every page interesting visually as well as giving readers an artistic journey through WA’s finest products and hottest topics. If you haven’t yet had your encounter with the Winter 2012 – 60th edition, buy it today and see for yourself  what an amazing job the team at Scoop and the style editor does at compiling such a reputable magazine. You can subscribe online here; http://www.scoop.com.au/subscribeOnline.aspx

Whilst Scoop has always covered topics, relevant to West Australians and interesting to visitors to the West, in 2012 the magazine has a adopted a fresh focus on social and community issues impacting our state.
With this, it offers decision makers, opinion-leaders and experts to present their views to readers and aims to ensure topics are not sensationalized  to make them more appealing. Scoop magazine offer credible articles that inform their readers and welcome debate in return!

I beleive style in WA  is innovative, fresh, unique and well represented by Scoop magazine.

Keep up the good work Scoop!!


26 Jun

Friday 27 July 2012…………… set to be one of the most stylish events in WA this year!

For the past 14 years, StyleAid has managed to deliver a glamourous evening whilst raising much needed funds to help the vital support programmes dedicated to people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS at the WA AIDS Council.

This year, StyleAid will celebrate its 15th birthday and there is a superb line-up of WA’s finest fashion designers to be a part of the celebrations.

The magical line up of talent on display-

Aurelio Costarella*Flannel*Empire Rose*Zhivago*Poppy Lissiman* Morrison* One Fell Swoop*Ae’lkemi*Bikini Atol*Dilettante*Fenella Peacock* Garth Cook* Monster Alphabets*United Constructions*Zsadar

you can get your tix here – but hurry!!!!!!!!    http://www.styleaid.com.au/

Stay tuned for my next edition as the event draws nearer………….and then all the delicious glamour to follow the evening!

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