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Sydney sparkling for Mercedes Benz Fashion week

17 Apr

A few days in Sydney to catch up on the latest fashions at The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week as well as catch up on some R&R was much anticipated to say the least!

Over the past weeks I had been excited to follow MBFW news in the lead up to the event which was to be held at Carriageworks for the first time in 2013.

Invitations were out and I was excited to find some our amazing designers from the West showcasing their collections during the week.

Aurelio Costarella, Betty Tran, Gypsea and Zhivago were just some of our WA designers taking centre stage at shows throughout the week and with MBFW Live being broadcast by JASU to 77 countries worldwide, the audience was set to be huge!

With bags packed and an early 4am wake up call, I departed Perth for a few days of indulgence!

One of my favourite people in the world came along for the fleeting trip and although she 'loves early mornings', our first stop after check in was a tall coffee! Our morning wasn't entirely free from hiccups, to say the least, so we were really in need of a strong drink!!

After taking in two movies and admiring the style of some admired Aussie actors on board, we arrived in Sydney in time to catch some live footage in Martin Place of MBFW fashions at the free-to-the public Pelican Bar.

With our hotel nearby we were lucky to be close to the action with the large screens showing runway footage.

Mojitos followed by dinner at a cute Cheese & wine bar marked our first night in Sydney…

The following day in Sydney was absolutely stunning with blue skies as far as the eye could see. A quick bus ride led us to the MBFW at Carriageworks to take in some of the action both on and off the catwalk.

Invitees found their seats ringside as they sipped on cool drinks doing the rounds before the show began. With 66 designers on show throughout the week, and the trade show 'Premiere' running alongside the event, Carriage works was certainly alive with fashion and style guru's.

The New Generation show featured West Australian designers Betty Tran and Zhivago and I couldn't wait to see their collections after being impressed by Dessert Designs and Faddoul among others.

A short black & white film kicked off Betty Trans show and the Betty Tran woman was defined by the strength in the label. Bold colours and a new colour palette paved the way of the beautiful collection on show…

Betty Tran
Betty Tran

Zhivago didn't disappoint as their signature lines were teamed up with fresh hues and a splash of attitude! Loved it all.


After a few days of fashion and having some retail therapy I was in need of a cocktail at the Opera Bar! The Opera Bar, FYI, in my opinion is THE best bar in Australia (well Eastern Australia anyway!).

Any occasion is made into an amazing occasion with views of the Opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge setting the back drop. If you haven't been – a definite for your next visit to Sydney!!

So after a few days of brilliant food, perfect weather, shopping and fashion it was time to hit the Qantas air roads and head back to the beautiful West!

So thank you Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for setting my heart racing over some amazing new fashions, adding to my list of 'must have' pieces, filling my eyes with non-stop style and increasing my desire for that shiny little black Mercedes-Benz number that was on display…



Influencing face of style AUS to NYC – Jessica Bratich

26 Aug

The gorgeous face behind her fast growing collection of luxurious leather goods is Jessica Bratich.

Over the years, her successes have unfolded in the public eye and she has accomplished a lot in a relatively small time frame.
Jessica Bratich has launched a handbag collection that has sparked a lot of attention both at home and internationally. Her designs are modern and stylish and it’s obvious why they are proving to be such a sensation!

So with recent involvement in the PFW and Broome Cup 2012 and the upcoming Perth Fashion Festival in September, it would be an understatement to say Jessica Bratich’s is one busy woman!

Despite her hectic work schedule and exciting personal ventures, Jessica has taken the time to be a part of Stylewa’s ‘Influencing Faces of Style’ and we are lucky enough to find out more about this inspiring individual……….

Stylewa; Jessica, after achieving a Bachelor in Communications and a minor in marketing you went onto complete a cert IV in fashion at Central Tafe – what inspired you to create your own leather goods collection?

JB: I have always liked to be creative and worked in fashion retail and wholesale for many years and I was at a point where I retired from karate and I was looking for a new challenge. I felt like I struggled to find handbags I liked thought that is something I could do. It has certainly provided challenges along the way but I always love to be learning and I am very goal orientated and this seemed like something I could do on my own and from home working my own schedule (which seems to be getting more and more hectic haha)

Stylewa; There are many handbag designers using cheap materials but still want to pin the big price tags – why was it important to you to use quality leather in your range?

JB: Quality is important to me as I want to keep my customer happy and I work with my manufacturers as I go always trying to improve the quality. Cost of production of leather goods is a lot higher than I thought it would be but that’s more so because I don’t mass produce. It’s a very exclusive range and there are limited numbers of each style.

Stylewa; What has been your style inspiration for your SS 12/13 collection?

JB: I was inspired by different elements such as zippers, buckles and studs along with diagonal lines. I also knew I wanted bright colours and to create pieces that will pop! Nothing better than a bright summer piece to make your outfit!

Stylewa; How would you define your own style?

JB: My style is very mixed I like very edgy pieces like those from label Zhivago, clean, chic, power pieces from labels like Betty Tran and beautiful elegant pieces from Ae’lkemi. I don’t like to say I have a certain style I like to mix it up and I love to support WA designers. I have had to alter my style a bit at the moment being pregnant and am loving Asos online for maternity wear you don’t want to spend a fortune while your pregnant as the clothes don’t seem to last very long and Asos is so affordable.

Stylewa; In September you are making your mark at the Fashion Palette in New York – are you pinching yourself that your range is about to be exposed globally to fashionista’s, retailers, celebs and media? 

JB: Yes I still can’t believe it. It’s all happened so quickly! It’s very surreal. From only launching my 2nd collection at Perth Fashion Week to having my pieces on a New York runway is major! A little scary at the same time but I think sometime you just have to roll with the punches and take a chance. Everything happens for a reason!

Stylewa; How did the opportunity to attend the Fashion Palette in New York come about?

JB: I was actually overseas and I had got a few calls from a number I didn’t know so I sent a text asking who it was. It was Betty Tran so I gave her a call. She told me that she had been selected for the Fashion Palette and asked me if I was interested in collaborating with her. I remembered Betty’s collection from Perth Fashion Week and it was one of the stand outs to me. I had about a day or two to decide and I remember getting off the phone in shock. I discussed it with the hubby and he agreed it would be such an amazing opportunity and that I had to do it.

Stylewa; Where will we find Jessica Bratich in 5 years time?

JB: In 5 years time I would like to see JB being stocked in boutiques around Australia and also overseas. I would to see my bags on the arms of celebrities and JB to be well known brand that people love. At the moment I am happy to take things as they come and make the most of opportunities that come my way and most importantly enjoy the ride!

I just know that in 5 years time we’ll be seeing Jessica Bratich’s stylish leather goods on the arms of beautiful people everywhere!
Jessica Bratich, thank you for your time with Stylewa…… We look forward to watching your exciting journey!

Stylewa x

(to find your gorgeous Jessica Bratich piece head to; www.jessicabratich.com/)

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