Beaufort Street hosts an open invite party!

19 Nov

Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley has long been one of the trendiest streets in Perth. It is a street where, no matter what your style, you are bound to feel a sense of warmth and belonging. For the muso's, the artists, fashionista's and culinary connoisseur's, there is something for everyone along this stretch and the list of attractions to the area continues to grow!

From the early days of the Astor theatre, whereby the men and women of Perth would dress in their finest to attend shows playing in the trendy suburb of Mount Lawley, this street has long made its mark on the style maps of our gorgeous city

Today, Beaufort Street still manages to pull a very stylish crowd and it is without surprise that in 2012 The Beaufort Street Festival celebrated it's third year with record numbers!

In the weeks leading up to the event, Beaufort Street hosted a 'Roving Dinner' put on by four of the streets much loved venues. Tickets to this event were snapped up so quickly that a second Roving Dinner was held.

The James Squire Bar put on a week long celebration prior to the Festival and many other venues and retailers announced other events which were posted on the web;

So with the sun shining, Saturday just gone was a gorgeous day for the eagerly awaited, Beaufort Street Festival.

Beaufort Street was closed to traffic and crowds flocked to take in a piece of the action, starting from 12 noon.

Keen to check out the STM Fashion Stage at Bamboo Bar, I planned my journey so that I was sitting down with a cool drink, ready for the 3pm show.

Featuring fashions from local retailers and models from Viviens…. this show was HOT. The styling on the runway together with an amazing job by hair and make-up team made this show one not to miss.

STM Runway at Bamboo Bar

It was a good thing the parades were repeated throughout the afternoon as I was stopped several times by people wanting to know where they could find the STM show and land their hands on one of the STM goodie bags I was carrying!

The street closure allowed us to make our way up Beaufort Street taking in all the sights and sounds as well as the opportunity to find bars and restaurants that we often drive past unnoticed.

We stopped for a drink and bite to eat at one of our favourites 'Must Winebar' who served Sangria premium beer and Moët by the glass at their make-shift garden bar.

Much loved Mt Lawley Art exhibits all over…
Must Wine Bar's garden bar

With so many participating venues to choose from, it was evident that the festival provided an excuse for groups of friends and families to meet up and enjoy the afternoon together.

With pop up bars and stages all around the festival precinct we managed to discover some great local bands and try some of the trademark drinks mixed by one of the many Mexican restaurants now on Beaufort.

Margarita slushies – won my vote!

The sun shone brightly on The Beaufort Street Festival this year and I'm sure that given the success and record numbers of 2012, next year will be even more fantastic…..rain, hail or shine!

Article featured in the Sunday Times following the Event

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