Tea with the Duchess

18 Nov

Anything but a quiet afternoon of sipping on tea was what presented when I joined my three friends at the Duchess bar in Claremont.

Being late on a Saturday afternoon, we encountered a buzzing crowd all sitting for high tea at this very trendy bar-come dining room.

With not a seat to spare, groups of friends and acquaintances created a hum of voices….. resounding the weekend was here!

Diners were presented with tables beautifully set with cutlery, flowers and a menu which delivered the high tea options.

For our table, it was as easy as coffee, wine or Moët. Depending on if the requirement for caffeine…. (Or those with young children!)

A selection of sweet and savoury treats soon came our way on a 3 tiered tray. Classic high tea menu items; sandwiches, pastries, macaroons, cupcakes and scones were served – something for all tastes.

An afternoon catching up with friends for high tea was enjoyable and blissfully indulgent.

With Claremont Quarter being on the doorstep of the Duchess indulgence continued for some of my friends with the final retail hour spent searching for a fabulous outfit!

The Duchess bar has all the ingredients for a fun Saturday afternoon in Claremont…. Bookings are necessary and be sure to allow enough time to check out the retailers in the Quarter too!!



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