Betty Tran Opens Flagship Store

4 Nov

Betty Tran Flagship store Opens with Style

Friday just gone saw the opening of Betty Tran's Flagship store at 300 Murray Street, Raine Square, Perth.

For those of you who haven't yet encountered Betty Tran, here is a snapshot!

* * * *

Her mother, Cherry worked as a tailor for over 30 years whereby she created garments of the highest quality. It was from years of witnessing her mothers hard work ethic together with the production of fine fashion that Betty's love for the industry evolved.

Originally from Saigon, Vietnam Betty moved to Australia 9 years ago where she studied in Sydney before moving to Perth to be with family. Betty commenced studies at Curtin University where she studied Fashion and Textile for 3 years and Graduated in 2007.

In 2008 Betty's designs were chosen into the Mercedes Benz Fashion Awards which launched her design career in 2008.

“Betty Sugar” was Betty's first label and saw “La Foi for Betty Sugar” open it's concept store in the Carillion Arcade, Perth. Garments under this label show a respect for the female figure as well as an understanding of textiles and design. Betty created this label with much love and as evolution has seen, her success has lead to the creation of a label of her own name “Betty Tran”.

2012 has already been such a successful year for Betty who was chosen to feature her garments in New York, alongside Jessica Bratich at the New York Fashion Palette 2012. It was here that the world met Betty Tran!

Betty's knowledge of fashion design as well as the sophistication of her new label has meant that the Grand Opening of Betty Tran's new Flagship store has been much anticipated among the fashion following public….

* * * *

And so Friday, 2 November 2012, Betty Tran's Store at 300 Murray Street Perth was officially opened.

Lisa Scaffidi, The Lord Mayor gave the official opening speech and what a heartfelt one it was! She spoke of Betty's journey and it was lovely to hear a story so humbling.

LM Lisa Scaffidi opens Betty Tran store

You would think that Betty Tran has opened a fashion store a thousand times over as the night was a smashing success. With bubbles flowing, gorgeous garments as far as the eye could see, a DJ, canapés and Betty's name lighting up the shop front, it was a recipe for success.

The highlight of the evening was the gorgeous parade of Betty's collection. I'm in love and adoration of so many garments.

With femininity, class and sophistication, Betty's garments would suit so many occasions and it is without a doubt that I could happily wear her entire collection.

I can't wait to head back to Betty's new store in Raine square and I recommend the label to every woman in need of that special piece!

Models glamourous in Betty Tran gowns
Perfect combinations of colour with style
DJ mixes for Guests
Sophisticated and chic white
Stunning pieces on parade
Betty Tran with models
Perfect gift! Betty Tran gift vouchers!
Betty Tran fashions on the street -stand out from the crowd!
One of my favourites from the collection!
Stylewa x



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