Crown brings a taste of Paris with Style

17 Oct

In a past life, I must have been French!

It’s the only explanation for my love of all things French…… music, Champagne, furniture, clothing, handbags, perfume, the language and food…. Especially the food!

My first memories of French cuisine in Perth were that of Frenchy’s restaurant in South Perth, where many special occasions were celebrated with Escargot or mussels doused in Garlic and enjoyed with buttery baguettes. Dessert was always a feast of warm profiteroles smothered in hot chocolate sauce -whilst delicious, we would find by the end of the evening we were all ‘elegantly sufficiently FULL!’

Over the years my taste for French food has evolved. Whilst I love any excuse to whip up a creme brûlée or cherry clafoutis at home, I ultimately love dining out at a French restaurant and leave the ‘palette mastery’ to the pro’s!

Friday night just gone, I experienced the newest French Bistro in Perth, ‘ Bistro Guillaume’.
Opening at Crown Perth, Bistro Guillaume features the cuisine of acclaimed French chef Guillaume Brahimi and follows the success of the original which first opened at the Crown in Melbourne.

With a dinner reservation at Bistro Guillaume at 2030 and a clear Spring night on the forecast, we headed in early to check out the sexy new appeal that Crown has bought to Perth.

Not only has Crown added a heap of new, world reknown resturants and bars to it’s list of attractions but it is also aesthetically appealing with landscaping and renovations updating its tired facade. In the past, Burswood has not been my destination of choice when heading for a meal or a night out as it was in need of some TLC and a bit of excitement!
However, with new additions such as Nobu, Rockpool and Bistro Guillaume and with its fresh new look, I was happy to be spending an evening here.

A pre-dinner drink was enjoyed at  ‘The Merrywell’ bar which seemed like the place to be on this bustling Friday night. Whilst it was busy, the atmosphere remained chilled out and the service, faultless…. Definatley worth a return visit! (I particularly loved the look of their cocktails served in jars and their ‘grazing’ menu items that were being delivered to the various tables dotted throughout the premise).

Following a drink at The Merrywell, we headed onto Bistro Guillaume for our dinner reservation.
Here, we were pleasantly surprised by the fresh new look that the poolside restaurant now had. 
Vibrant apple green with black and white decor created a fun yet effortlessly sophisticated look. In comparison to the venue it once was, Bistro Guillaume was brightly lit and had a buzz no matter where in the restaurant you were seated.
We were shown to a half circular booth where we spent the evening in Culinary delight, tasting all the fine food from the creations of Guillaume Brahimi. 

On our table was the Snapper fillet w cavolo Nero, Chinese cabbage and sauce verge ….. (nothing but delicious) as well as the Pork Belly w lentils, green apples and tarragon vinaigrette.

For dessert, the pear tart w hot chocolate sauce won over the creme caramel and strawberry tart…….. Although this was an incredibly tough decision and I am planning to revisit Bistro Guillaume in the not too distant future just to try the desserts that I didn’t try!!
If I could bottle some of the flavours on the plate at Bistro Guillaume, I would love to take it home!
If I could bottle the beautiful French accent our waitress had on Friday evening and listen to it like a song, I would do that too!

Until I work out how to bottle all the beautiful French flavours and sounds, I’ll keep my French cookbook handy and make sure I don’t miss my French language class!!

Thoroughly recommend a night out at the new Crown Perth and if you are a lover of French style as I am, definately worth booking in advance for Bistro Guillaume!


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