George Street secret

6 Oct

Some time ago, a friend with a common passion for fashion, pointed me in the direction of George Street, East Fremantle.

She was correct in thinking that it was a place I would enjoy visiting. It has a small, but quality collection of fashion boutiques, giftware and coffee shops and it is one street that has become a favourite destination of mine.

I always manage to score a great cup of coffee and get a fix of some amazing labels at the couple of beautiful boutiques that line the street……. and if I head there with my boys, there is even a unique park that manages to satisfy their bursting energy and put a smile on their face!!

So today with blue skies on the forecast, and a 10am coffee date with 1 Imby, 1 Ashe and 1 very new baby Parker….. George Street was our destination.

Hubbles Yard is a quiet little corner cafe that never disappoints for a great coffee and some home-style food. Coffee, tea and a couple of sweet slices were on our table this morning and with the the sun streaming in and great company, it was the perfect place to be on this Saturday morning!

Along George Street you'll also find a fantastic delicatessan that does coffee, Limones for beautiful meals and The Wine store if you fancy a tipple!

Following morning tea, always comes a browse of the gorgeous gift shops. You will never fail to find a beautiful gift in any of these stores with their selection of giftware being of a high quality. I particularly love to give the gift of a scented candle, my favourites are Voluspa and Glass House and these are stocked at a few of the George Street stores and boutiques.

Pottery, leather goods, jewellery art and children's wear are among other unique gifts you'll find among the shops of George Street.

If you haven't yet ventured to George Street in East Fremantle, it is worth a visit. It's a quiet street that has a welcoming vibe and no matter what you're into, you are bound to find something that pleases your senses and warms your soul.

Take someone you love for a visit, or find your happy place in a quiet Street that is – George Street, East Fremantle!!



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