Sophia’s got WA style in the BOX!

2 Oct

For those of you who don't know about Box – Let me share it with you…

Box magazine is a lifestyle publication that makes any coffee table, ever so chic!

Featuring exclusive lifestyle and travel, high-end fashion, art, food and wine, this magazine ticks all the boxes when it comes to style!

But it's what's inside Box that makes it so unique. Inside Box you'll find a whole lot of heart! With 100% of all subscription sales being directly donated to children's charities, this magazine warms the hearts of those who need it most!

The talented lady behind the Box is Sophia Barbagallo. Sophia is the General Manager of Box magazine and there is more to this GM than a just a pretty face! She is passionate about her work, gives her time generously and loves to have fun!

Stylewa spent some time finding out more about Sophia's world of Box!

* * * * * *

Stylewa – Sophia, you are the General Manager of Box magazine, how long have you been doing this role and what do you love about your job? I am the GM of ToyBox International. I LOVE this role and have been in it now for just over six years. It is so rewarding to be able to deliver grants to help local, sick and disadvantaged kids – quite addictive in fact! This role allows me to do this warm fuzzy stuff – as well as keep a foot in the fashion world, being so closely linked with Box Magazine. Our offices are all under one roof together and we are a small team that really help each other however we can with what is on the go.

Stylewa- Box Magazine carries the phrase; “Box Magazine. It's about Luxury, it's about pleasure, it's about enjoying yourself”……….. What do you believe sets Box magazine apart from other lifestyle magazines?

I believe the main aspect that sets Box Magazine apart from other publications full stop is that it donates 100% of the profits from every subscription sale to help kids in need. It is also one of the few that is truly uni-sex and has an incredibly targeted audience through it’s corporate gifting distribution strategy.

Stylewa – I personally love the level of luxury that this magazine has…… It allows readers to escape from everyday and sets the benchmark for style in WA. Describe how you would spend a day 'in style' in WA if you had an endless budget….?

Fun! I would definitely order up some of that amazing WA sunshine and hit up Rottnest with my closest friends on a Sunseeker motor yacht. Love Summer and being out on the water.

Stylewa – Box Magazine raises funds for ToyBox International, a charitable trust that raises funds for special needs children around Australia.
100% of magazine subscription sales go to filling specific grants for children in need and 3 of these grants are featured in each edition. How did the union between Box magazine and ToyBox International come about?

Box Magazine was originally started by Troy as a newsletter for Variety. He came up with the concept to create a ‘sexier’ newsletter, that people who would not normally pick up a charity newsletter would pick it up, enjoy it’s contents and at the same time see the three pages of Variety updates, hopefully encouraging them to give back in their local community.
ToyBox was started soon after as an umbrella charity, to allow grants to be filled with any reputable, Australian children’s charity. This came about when we looked to raise more funds from Australia’s corporate world and they had already chosen a children’s charity to support for that year. ToyBox doesn’t discriminate – as long as we are assisting kids in need – that is what is important. ToyBox works with numerous charities nationally including Variety still, identifying specific grants they need filled for kids and then filling those grants.
We still today profile three grants every issue, that have been filled thanks to subscription sales.

Stylewa – Has working with ToyBox International affected your outlook on life?

Probably. You think growing up that you know about how hard some families have it, but when you come face to face with them it definitely puts everything into perspective.

Stylewa – Apart from subscribing to Box magazine, how can people contribute to this very worthy charity? (ie are there upcoming events people can attend to raise funds?)

ToyBox runs a number of fundraising events through the year alongside Pink Tank Events. This includes the Royal Queensbury Corporate Championship boxing event each May and our upcoming event Sounds Like Summer on the Matilda Bay foreshore this October. All the WA Miss Universe contestants also get the opportunity to do hands on work with ToyBox kids and fundraise for grants each year.
Donations can also be made directly at

Stylewa – You are not only the GM for Box magazine but you are also involved with ToyBox International, Miss Universe Contests in WA and have an athletic background (with boxing and ballet some of your past times). With all of this under your belt, what would you say you are most proud of?
One of the things I love most is working with the Miss Universe contestants. They start so shy and by the end of the program have the most amazing confidence and a real desire to get out there and achieve their dreams. They are living better lives, staying fit and healthy and have a clear plan to set themselves up to achieve more in life. Seeing them change through doing the charity work too is amazing, can see everything falling into perspective for them. Those first years out of high school are really hard, this helps them to gain direction and passion. Seeing this change is definitely a highlight for me.

Stylewa – How would you describe your style?

Simple and feminine.

Stylewa – What is in store for Sophia Barbagallo and Box Magazine in the future?

We are in the middle of a big expansion with the magazine called Vault521, which engages just 521 corporate Australian businesses in an exciting corporate gifting and communication program. Fully subscribed it will raise $2million per annum for ToyBox kids. So keeping ourselves very busy with this at the moment. Exciting times.

Sophia, thank you for your time with Stylewa… We look forward to seeing your style with each edition of Box Magazine in the future!!



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