Stylish photo shoot on location at Wesley Quarter

22 Sep

Day 3 of the Perth Fashion Festival and I was off to check out a live photo shoot, on location at Wesley Quarter.

A marquee was set up for the photo shoot to take place and it provided much needed shelter for all the talented people who were putting it all together.

The photo shoot was scheduled to take place at 1.30pm and at approximately 1.28pm, the sky opened up and there was a down pouring of heavy rain! This kept the attendees of the event (free to the public) to a minimum which meant that I scored a fantastic view of the model at work.

Huddled under the eaves of a nearby shop, I watched as 'it girl' Fabienne Vanderhaeghen struck a pose and showed us all why she is so good at her job!!

The lovely Claire Davies, Fashion Editor of The Sunday Times, was also on location to give advice on styling and shared how she puts a look together for a shoot like this one.

After the shoot, I had a lunch date at the Quarter on Hay, where I enjoyed some scallops, watercress and roasted beetroot salad with a glass of sparkles from Spain……. all served with great company and good service!!

A Friday with fashion and friends – what more could I ask for….except a little sunshine!!

(this was a free to the public event as part of the PFF and there are many other free events on offer during the festival. For a full list of events, head to;

(image courtesy Perth Fashion Festval)



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