18 Sep

I adore women's fashion!

I love tailored suits, dresses, fitted skirts, hoisery, lingerie and most of all I love a great pair of heels! No matter what I'm wearing, when I put on some fabulous stilettos I feel great….. Well to be honest, sometimes slightly uncomfortable, but feminine and fabulous none the less!!

Men, on the other hand have it easy. They put on a pair of jeans, a shirt and some flat shoes and they are dressed and comfortable! But what about men's style? Fashion, fit and style to make men feel amazing!

A man can be defined by his style – and with a few key wardrobe pieces, a hint of aftershave and some confidence and charm, he will, without a doubt feel amazing!

5 tips for Men's style

1. Ensure length of trousers – you don't want your pants to be mid calf when you sit down!

2. Invest in a full length mirror! Do you know what you look like before you leave the house?

3. Tuck your shirt in if the shirt is a style to be tucked!

4. Buy a good belt and shoes – people DO notice a well dressed man!

5. Grooming and aftershave!

We have some amazing stores here in Perth that sell fantastic men's clothing. Store assistants are often trained to give good advice on how garments should fit, so use them!

For the fashionable man who wants a statement peice by a Western Australian designer, head to Zsadar online store;

Shane Newton is the designer of ZSADAR and his 'The Creature in the Mirror' collection will be showcased at the 2012 Perth Fashion Festival

For more about ZSADAR go to the 'Threads to Adore' section of Stylewa at



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