Sunday style with Claire Davies STM

13 Sep

It's Sunday morning, I wake around 8am to the sound of birds and the smell of freshly brewed coffee. I then enjoy breakfast in the sunshine with my copy of The Sunday Times where I get my fix of fashion and style in the STM. In my dreams!!

This is how Sunday morning usually plays out at my house….

Mornings usually start at 6am with the wake up call of two very loud (but very beautiful) young boys. There is a mad rush to fill rumbling tummies, followed by the inhalation of a coffee. The day is spent at the beach or park and then home to put tired young bodies to bed. Finally the day is over and I have a dinner date with the couch and my copy of the STM. Here, I get my fix of fashion and catch up with all the latest in the world of style.

Although I feel I have a regular Sunday night appointment with style pages of the STM, I couldn't wait to meet the STM Fashion Editor, Claire Davies. The lady who is responsible for putting together a weekly pin board of style.

Stylewa – Claire, I always love seeing your stylish pages in the STM section of The Sunday Times, how long have you been doing the role of Fashion Editor?
I’ve been Fashion Editor of The Sunday Times for seven years.

Stylewa – I notice most of the fashion & accessories are aimed toward younger readers…. Do you determine a target audience for your style picks each week?
I don’t think about the target audience so much, but I do like to keep the fashion pages looking young and current and directed at those who love fashion.

Stylewa – You definitely have your finger on the pulse of current fashion trends…. Where do find your inspiration?
I have website/blog list of at least 100 favourites – from internationally recognised sites like The Sartorialist, Garance Dore and Bryan Boy, to celebrity based websites like E! Online, Daily Mail, and Us Weekly. I also love Le Fashion, Refinery 29, and the beautiful imagery on STREETFSN. I think keeping across what’s happening around the globe is essential.
I’m also a mag-addict. I can never buy just one magazine – it’s always six at a time!

Stylewa – How would you describe your own style?
My style is pretty simple and uncomplicated. I like wearing jeans, men’s-style shirts and converse sneakers. I have way too many white T-shirts and singlets – I buy them obsessively. Favourite labels include Acne, Bassike and Willow.
I do love to glam up when I get the opportunity, but again, I tend to keep things fairly simple like a great black dress, or a bright silk shirt with beautiful trousers.
I like to spend my money on quality pieces that can last a few years and spend less on ‘trend’ based fashion.

Stylewa – Who would be your favourite WA designers?
We have so much local talent, but some of my favourites include Flannel, One Fell Swoop, Ange Lang and Empire Rose. I’m hoping Shane Newton from Zsadar will come out with a women’s line sometime soon – I’m a huge fan of his designs. I’m really looking forward to the Perth Fashion Festival and seeing these labels on the catwalk.

Stylewa – What's the look for the upcoming Spring Racing Carnival? And Spring/Summer 12/13?
There’s something this season for everyone, but I’m loving the bold floral prints and bright, acid colours. There are also a lot of soft, pretty pastels coming through closer to summer.
Of course, black and white is always safe for race day, but this year, it’s more about white than black – so make it white, with touches of black.

Stylewa – Ok we have $100….. How would you suggest we spend it on style?
First ask yourself what you need – New basics? A fresh new lip colour? Some sandals for summer? You can probably get all three for less than $100 if you shop smart.
I just bought a great lightweight knit and pyjama-style pants from Cotton On for about $50.
If you’re after something special like a tailored jacket, dress or beautiful heels, save your $100 for a few weeks or months, and invest.

Claire Davies, your work is admired each and every week, thank you for your time and for being a inspiration of style!

Stylewa x


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