High tea dreaming

11 Sep
My sister in-law Imby is an amazing cook….actually the term cook doesn't seem correct……she is an artist who creates sweet masterpeices!! Imby does cakes, nougat, chocolate…anything with sugar and she's truly inspirational!
Years ago Imby and I went to a cooking class in Cottesloe where we watched Rochelle Adonis create her recipes for 'afternoon tea'! Rochelle Adonis, mind you, is one of my culinary supermodels who is a trained pastry pastry chef who has worked for cake boutiques in London who have created cakes for both the British and Saudi royal families amongst others. She has also worked as head pastry chef at ARIA in Sydney and has opened her own cooking studio in Northbridge whereby she runs cooking classes as well as a decadent 'High Tea' service. So for years now I have followed Rochelle Adonis and her sweet delights and had the high tea service on my list of 'to do's!!'
Over the past 18months I have had 3 bookings for High tea at Rochelle Adonis but sadly each time, one of life's hurdles has prevented me fulfilling my dream of high tea at the beloved 'Rochelle Adonis'!
So, with winter's end and a long overdue catch up with some of my most gorgeous friends…… I finally fulfilled a date with Rochelle Adonis for a high tea service I couln't fault!
With the Sunday sun shining, I put on a spring dress and joined four fabulous girlfriends for a 12pm reservation on Brisbane Street. The studio itself is beautiful and very feminine with flowers dotted around the room and a display cabinet full of sweet delights. The long tables are set with gorgeous vintage tableware and the mismatched peices create a homely warmth.
Our hostess for the afternoon gave the impression that she loved her job and she was not only attentitive but so incredible at remembering each dish that we were presented with.
The first plate consisted of 4 small savoury bites that were presented beautifully on a tasting plate for each individual. Incredible flavours and textures with every bite -this plate was an all round winner with my friends and it was fun to discuss the components of the dish as we sipped our bubbly (or tea or coffees)…
To cleanse our happy palette's we then received a watermelon and lemonade ice-block that just melted in our mouths! A real taste of Summer!
Then onto the sweet tasting plate to end the High tea service. A plate full ofsweet, individually portioned desserts were presented with something to please us all. Mini cheesecakes, rice pudding with rhubarb, rocky road parfait and something delicious and citrus-ey were all heaven sent and I couldn't think of a better seat in any restaurant accross Perth at that very moment!
I totally recommend booking a high tea service with some fabulous friends …you will not be disappointed with Rochelle Adonis' studio and although you may have to book in advance for a specific day and time – it is worth the wait!! Add it to your 'To do' list ….

One Response to “High tea dreaming”

  1. Imby September 14, 2012 at 11:28 am #

    Oh thanks Leece!!! It’s a date when I come back! Xx

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