The face behind the Flannel empire – Kristy Lawrence

26 Jul

I love the label Flannel. Walking into a Flannel store makes you feel like you have just found a gorgeous boutique somewhere on the outskirts of Paris.
The shop front itself is a feast for the stylish eye and the creative mind and its the place where award-winning designer, Kristy Lawrence has successfully translated her lifestyle into a signature range of fashion and home wares.

With an upcoming trip to the US as well as Flannel’s involvement with this weeks’ STYLEAID parade, Kristy Lawrence is busy to say the least!
With that said, Kristy has been lovely enough to take time out to chat about all things Flannel and the insight has made me love it even more!
stylewa:  When Flannel opened its first store here in WA, did u ever expect the label would grow as rapidly as it has? 

K.L:  Flannel started as a partnership with my sister Brooke. It came about from my love of creating and both of us wanting to earn some extra funds for us to indulge in our love of travel together with our children. After successfully selling to independent stores we went on to open our first store in Cottesloe. It was more as a love of the Flannel product and wanting to showcase it in its entirety with our homewares etc. We were so excited by the immediate reaction from clients both wholesale and retail and the continuous growth we are still discovering now 5 years later! What started as a hobby has grown to a very exciting, successful and fast growing business.

stylewa:  Your style is so effortlessly chic- what are your inspirations when designing garments? 

K.L:  For me its about being simply chic with a little attitude and most importantly comfortable! I design for what I would like to wear and get much of my inspiration from women in the street, it could be their attitude, a particular colour, fabrication or design detail. I love to travel and people watch!

Our philosophy really suits how I feel..

Live, Work and Play!
“Paris meets New York for the Australian lifestyle. Flannel’s collections create a relaxed, luxurious, playful feeling, chalky hues, with a fresh hint of colour, understated, graceful style with an edge of a rock-bohemian chic, for customers who appreciate the finer things in life. Unique and simple, Flannel is a consumate label full of covetable everyday pieces.”

stylewa:  The name Flannel……how did it come about? 

K.L:  Over a red wine with friends! We love how the brand is a contradiction to what people immediately think of the name but at the same time it still suits. Conjuring thoughts of comfort, home etc. It becomes a topic of conversation.

stylewa:  You already have stores in Perth, Sydney and feature at David Jones, what’s in store for the future at Flannel? 

K.L:  A very much anticipated store in Melbourne adding to our 4 stores in Perth. (Cottesloe, South Perth, Garden City and Subiaco) and our Mosman store in Sydney. Very exciting things to come in the US. Keep you posted!!

Kristy Lawrence you are one very talented designer!
Thankyou for your time and we look forward to watching for Flannels next exciting edition.

You can follow Flannel and Kristy’s latest at;


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