happiness on hobart street………

16 Jul

A very stylish Rebecca Judd (Myer ambassador & model) has a very gorgeous web page – http://rebeccajudd.com.au/
In this very gorgeous web page she drops the names of some very cool Perth places to dine………………one of which is Beluga in Claremont (a favourite of mine) and the other is Hobart Deli on Hobart St, North Perth – noted for their high standards in coffee.

As Ms Judd also added that Hobart Deli was opposite a park, I thought I’d venture North of the city to check it out.

So I lined a friend up, scored a sunny winters day in Perth and had a quick look online for Hobart Deli before departing for my 10am date with a new favourite corner shop!

Well, the street was bustling around the corner cafe and it was easy to see why – fabulous coffee, beautiful cakes and slices and service with a smile…………..

My son liked the decor (a feast for the young eye) and the sweet selections! We chose the lemon pistachio slice – to share (although it was a mistake to think he’d leave me more than a bite!). It was a bite of heaven anyway!

The best part about this very chic Perth cafe was, as Rebecca noted, that there was a fantastic part right opposite – perfect for burning some of that sugary energy that little Perth-ite’s consume………….and perfect for enjoying a take-away coffee and some winter rays for any grown-up!

***A little stumble while searching for Hobart St – the following web page is a useful tool for out & about in Perth; http://acoffeeinthepark.com/hobart-st-north-perth


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