Scoop – saturated with WA style

10 Jul

Edition 60 -2012

15 years of scoop, 8 titles, 139 editions, 32860 pages, 2878 million copies………………..100% stylish……….always!!

I’m in love with Scoop magazine because;
1. I can happily lose an hour browsing through each and every page (yes- even the advertisments are worth drooling over!)
2. It incorporates lifestyle, food and fashion in one beautifully presented publication
3. It is relevant to WA so I can feel, taste, wear and experience all of the amazing finds inside the cover
4. I am proud to leave it on my coffee table as it always has an artistic cover that makes me and my guests want to pick it up and read
5. Whenever I walk into a Western Australian hotel or resort I am quite often greeted by a ‘in-room’ copy of Scoop and that makes me feel at home……………….. and it means my husband can watch whatever he wants on foxtel as I’ll have my head in Scoop (so romantic- but it’s win-win!).

Scoop’s style editor does a fantastic job at making every page interesting visually as well as giving readers an artistic journey through WA’s finest products and hottest topics. If you haven’t yet had your encounter with the Winter 2012 – 60th edition, buy it today and see for yourself  what an amazing job the team at Scoop and the style editor does at compiling such a reputable magazine. You can subscribe online here;

Whilst Scoop has always covered topics, relevant to West Australians and interesting to visitors to the West, in 2012 the magazine has a adopted a fresh focus on social and community issues impacting our state.
With this, it offers decision makers, opinion-leaders and experts to present their views to readers and aims to ensure topics are not sensationalized  to make them more appealing. Scoop magazine offer credible articles that inform their readers and welcome debate in return!

I beleive style in WA  is innovative, fresh, unique and well represented by Scoop magazine.

Keep up the good work Scoop!!


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