STYLEAID’s Event Coordinator

9 Jul

Stephanie Patniotis is the Event Co-ordinator for STYLEAID 2012 and although she is dancing with a busy work schedule in the weeks leading up to the night, she was lovely enough to spare some time to share with all of us @ stylewa!

  1. What makes STYLEAID different from other charity fundraisers in Perth?
Definitely  the fashion aspect; STYLEAID is Perth’s largest fashion fundraiser. The event is renowned  for fostering WA fashion,  including hair, make up, models, and designers. It’s a very exciting part of the evening for all of us, and could not be done without the amazing work of Aly May our Creative Director, all the agencies and models who donate their time, as well as the teams from MAC and L’Oreal. The commitment to the event and the cause is truly remarkable

2. 15 designers to celebrate STYLEAID’s 15th year – how does the selection of designers come about?
We have such amazing talent here in WA, it’s so hard to select every year. It’s a team effort between our Creative Director, Aly May and the STYLEAID Committee. We invite designers to get involved each year to ensure we have some of the finest fashions walking our catwalk!

3. How has STYLEAID changed since it’s inaugural event? It continues to grow and evolve each year.
We have a different theme every year, which plays a major part in the event’s execution. From theming, to designers, to hosts, to sponsors, each year is extremely different from the previous!

4.  What is the most challenging part of co-ordinating WA’s most stylish ‘night-of-nights’?
Seating Plan!! There’s no doubt about that….

 5. A personal question for STYLEAID’s Event Coordinator………..which one Perth designer would you chose to define your own fashion style?
One? I don’t think I can do it in one. United Constructions, Aurelio Costarella, Morrison and Monster Alphabets would have to be some of my favourites – but each year, I fall in love with at least one item from each of our designers. This year is no different. I want to wear EVERYTHING that comes down that catwalk. What am I wearing this year? Well… no idea!!

Stephanie Patniotis
STYLEAID Event Coordinator
WA AIDS Council


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